Placement Process for Class Registration

Placement Tools

The goal of the placement process is to help you assess your skills to ensure you are able to engage with course content, and have the greatest possibility to succeed in your course work.

Math and English placements determine your starting place for classes. Your Academic Advisor will use your placements to help you build your class schedules. Students can complete their math and English placements by submitting documents, using TCC’s Directed Self-Placement tools, or alternative assessments.

Please read these important notes:

English and Math Placement

All new students who plan to take a math or English class at TCC will be in charge of their own writing and math skills evaluation through the directed self placement (DSP) tools. It has been proven that you know best, and we will give you some pointers to help make that decision. This is an important process for you to be in charge of your future!

Transfer students may qualify under Multiple/Alternative Measures (see table below.)

English Directed Self-Placement

Fee: no cost

The English DSP helps you evaluate your ability to read, write and think at the college level. Your first college English classes should be challenging, but they should also start where you currently are at your skills level. The DSP will help you decide which classes are best for you to start.  

Note: Directed Self-Placement does not apply to Running Start, Fresh Start and International students.

English Directed Self-Placement

Math Directed Self-Placement

Fee: no cost

The Math DSP uses a series of questions about previous coursework, asking you to HONESTLY evaluate your confidence level on the algebra skills necessary to be successful in a college level Math course. Our questions are designed to help you determine if you may benefit from a support course. Information gathered in the DSP can also help you understand what you may experience at a variety of different course levels. 

Note: Directed Self-Placement does not apply to Running Start, Fresh Start, or BEdA students.

Math Directed Self-Placement

*If you are a student interested in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) pathways, please read about math placements using Multiple Measures below. If you do not have a Multiple Measure and would like more information about other placement test options, please reach out to us at

Multiple/Alternative Measures Information

Please read and consider these measures to save time and anxiety. 


Placement Updates

Placement Office Hours 

Placement staff are currently working remotely. Please email  for assistance. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.




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