English Language Acquistion (ELA)

Formerly known as AESL


Looking to improve your English skills?

Our students represent many languages, countries, ethnicities and races. We are excited to offer a learning environment that supports students from all over the world. ELA courses will help you improve your English communication through class discussion, group projects, homework assignments and computer use. We are dedicated to help you enhance listening, reading and writing skills to prepare you for college and career.


  • If you are in this country on a student (F, M) visa, you are not eligible to participate in publicly (state and federal) funded adult education. Contact TCC’s International Program: 253-566-5190 for information on enrolling in the International Program.
  • If you are in this country as a “nannie” or “au pair” on a study exchange (J-1) visa, you are required to participate in college-level academic classes, not in Basic Education for Adults. Please review our Admission Process page
  • NOTE: B-1, B-2, C, D, N, O-2, P, Q, R S, TC, TN visa holders should confirm with the Department of Homeland Security that attending our program will not affect their immigration status or visa eligibility.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of ELA Level 6, students will be able to transition into employment or higher education and/or achieve personal goals related to meeting family needs and engaging in civic activities by:

  • Using critical thinking, reading, written, and oral communication skills.
  • Using information technology to identify and locate community resources as appropriate.
  • Working effectively as team members with people of diverse cultures, styles and beliefs.


We offer ELA Levels 1 through 6. Your placement is determined by test scores and faculty evaluation. We strive to offer flexible options in both the morning and evening. Please note, class times may change on a quarterly basis. 

Meet with a Navigator

We are here to help you succeed and guide you through the enrollment process! Make an appointment with a Navigator:

Daytime student: Martin Zuniga

Evening Student: Connie Huerta

Or contact us by phone or email to get started!



Any Other Questions? Contact us.

We are located in:                                  

Building 7 Advising Area (Green wall section)
For general program questions call 253-566-5144 or email basicskills@tacomacc.edu.