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International Student Hosting

TCC's Office of International Programs is seeking qualified hosts who can provide a secure, healthy and enriching cultural experience for our international students. Hosts play an important role in the student experience and have a great impact on the international student's opinion of the United States. Most importantly, hosts have the opportunity to show students what life is like with an American family. Thank you for your interest in opening up your homes to our amazing international students!

Sharing your home with an international student is a big step, but can also be an extremely rewarding experience.  We strive to support both the students and the host families to help make the experience the best it can be.  The focus of homestay is to share culture and make connections.  Students do pay the families a homestay fee each month so while it is not a large source of income, host families should at least break even and even come out a little ahead (especially if you host more than one student).

It is important to note that homestay is a familial/mentor relationship, not a landlord-tenant relationship. If you are looking for renters or would rely on homestay for a primary source of income, then hosting a TCC student may not be the right fit.

Hosting Benefits

  • Cultural experience for your family
  • Help students reach their academic goals
  • Learn about other countries
  • Show others life in America
  • Support the Tacoma community
  • It is fun!

students and host family with signs

TCC student with host family

students and host family

student with host family

Basic Hosting Requirements

  • Student has a private room that qualifies as a bedroom (i.e. has a closet, door, and exterior emergency egress). It should also include at least 1 twin sized bed, a student desk, and dresser. Hosts interested in the shared room option should ensure rooms are large enough for two of each furniture item. Bunk beds or loft style are OK.
  • Hosts provide all utilities and should have a fast internet connection.
  • Hosts provide basic essentials such as linens, towels, toilet paper, etc. Students are responsible for their own personal use items such as toiletries
  • Hosts should live within a 60 minute commute range to TCC campus using public transit with no more than a 20 minute walk either to campus directly or to the nearest bus stop.
    • Hosts who do not meet this requirement, but are willing to provide transportation to the student, may be considered.
    • Check the distance from your home to TCC by using the trip planner at
    • Using the "transit" option to get directions using Google maps or similar is also a good option.

Interested in Hosting? Inquire Now

If you have more questions, contact:

Jeremy Snyder (He/Him)
Tacoma Community College Office of International Programs
Assistant Director of International Housing and Short Term Programs
Email / 253-566-5381

Hosting Options

Please review the options below for fixed term and ongoing term hosting. We appreciate your patience as we begin the onboarding process.


Fixed Term

  • Time Frame: 7 days, 21 days, or 6 months
  • Student Nationality: Danish or Japanese
  • Meal Option: Complete

Upcoming Short-Term Programs:

Japan (2 cohorts): 1st cohort Fall and Winter Quarters (Sept - March), approx 25 students.  2nd cohort tentatively March 2022 - June 2023. 

Denmark (business students): Nov 6 -17 (tentative) 

Denmark (students in physics and communication programs): TBD (tentative Feb 2023), 30-40 students for 3 weeks.


Ongoing Term

  • Time Frame: 3 months - 2 years
  • Student Nationality: All
  • Meal Option: Complete or no meal
Apply to Host

I've inquired- what comes next?

  1. Interest Review. International Programs will review your interest form to ensure you are within the required radius of TCC. We often prioritize response based on needs at that moment so we may not respond immediately, but we will be in touch to answer any initial questions you have and get your availability for an orientation session.
  2. Attend a Future Host Orientation. We are currently holding multiple orientation sessions each month with both on campus/in-person options and remote zoom meetings. We are also alternating between daytime and evening/weekend sessions. Each session includes a 60 minute presentation and time for Q&A.
  3. Provide Full Application. If you decide that hosting is for you, the Full Application is the next step. You'll be asked to provide detailed information to verify identity and help us achieve the best student match possible. Full Application
    1. The application is substantial and must be completed in a single session. To save time, you may want to have the following items ready before you start the Full Application:
      Images of government issued ID for all adults
      Commute to TCC campus information (length, bus #, etc.)
      Welcome letter to future students
      At least 3 photos: 1 family, 1 student room, and 1 exterior of home
      Provide 2 references
      Optional: a 30 second welcome video
  4. Background Check. International Programs conducts background checks on all household members 18 and older. We will also contact your references. Please ask your references to watch for our email as it may get caught in a Spam or Junk mail filter.
  5. Home Visit. Visits will be scheduled once everything is completed and are based on host availability. We are happy to visit outside of “normal” business hours or even on weekends as needed. We tour your home, give you a chance to ask any new questions, and look around the neighborhood for walking paths, bus stops, etc.
  6. Student Match. Once the visit is complete, future hosts become current hosts! We may not immediately have a student for your home depending on the time of year and student demand, however.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered here, please contact us.


Any additional questions?

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