Sheri Gietzen


Sheri Gietzen-Olszewski
Phone 253.566.5083
Office Bldg. F1 Rm: 63
Dept. Communication & Transitional Studies (Written/Oral Communications)
Office Hours Mon, Wed: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Office Hours - Fall Quarter

Profile: Prof. Gietzen

What would you like students to call you?
Professor Gietzen or Sheri. Yes! Either one. I’m not particular and want each student to call me what feels comfortable to them.

One of my favorite LC lectures...
I have a favorite type of lecture in the LC. After students read a text and are drafting a paragraph on it, we come together and students share their perspective on the reading in small groups. For example, we read about how society has altered views on identity and belonging; one reading is about young people getting tattoos. I love to hear students’ perspectives on where we have come from and what we think now on teenage tattoos. Everyone has something to say!

Our ideal LC student will... 
Someone who is curious about exploring reasons why society and they are the way they are. From reading, to writing, to discussing social identity, we will learn and grow together.

I love teaching in this LC because...
No matter where a student is academically when they begin our LC, we will work with you in writing and communication, explore with you, and discover the interconnections between us all.

In class, I'm most likely to...
Stop and ask students (or ask Steve) for input, and even adjust what we are discussing to be sure everyone feels they are understanding and on track with what we are learning.

Class Schedule

Quarter Class Title Day(s) From To Location Mode
Fall ENGL 23401O Intro to Mythology& Folk ARRANGED

Fall ENGL 23402O Intro to Mythology& Folk ARRANGED

Winter ENGL 26201O Children's Literature ARRANGED

Winter ENGL& 10213O English Composition II ARRANGED

Winter ENGL& 10214O English Composition II ARRANGED

Fall ENGL& 10203H English Composition II MW
10:30 AM
11:20 AM
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