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Rachelle Mcgill

Professor/Program Chair

Rachelle McGill
Email rmcgill@tacomacc.edu
Phone 253.566.5298
Fax 253.566.5298
Office Bldg. F1 Rm: 25
Dept. Communication & Transitional Studies (Dev Ed)

Profile: Prof. McGill

What would you like students to call you?
Rachelle or Prof. McGill

One of my favorite LC lectures
One of my favorite LC assignments is when students analyze their ascribed and avowed identities. I love this because the students always say it was one of their favorite assignments and they use a Styrofoam head, yes, that’s right, a fake head, to create a 3D image of what each type of identity is to them. It sounds so basic, but it goes deep.

Our ideal LC student will
Our student is the person coming to school for the first time, returning to school after a break, or someone who simply wants to regroup and get a better handle on how they manage being in school. Our ideal students are anyone who strives towards becoming the best version of themselves, is interested in creating relationships and finding connections, and simply wants to learn and have fun.

I love teaching in this LC because
I love teaching this LC for many reasons, but the two main reasons are the students and getting to work with Allison. In class we create “families,” and by the end of the quarter the entire class has become one community. There is a sense of belonginess and safety. I also love to teach with Allison, and we have found our own balance as team-teachers. We have similar approaches to creating assignments and the design of the classroom that is reflective in each of our styles.

In class I’m most likely to
Express the fact that I STILL struggle with meditation even though Allison has pushed me to keep up the practice (she leads quick session in class once a week), and I try not to take myself too seriously.

Class Schedule

Quarter Class Title Day(s) From To Location Mode
Fall CMST& 101CCP Introduction To Communic ARRANGED

Fall ABE 019CCP Navigating College ABE/A ARRANGED

Fall ENGL/ 095CCP Academic Reading & Writi ARRANGED

Fall ENGL/ 085CCP Academic Reading and Wri ARRANGED

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