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Mary Fox

Co-Chair of Written and Oral Communications

Mary Fox
Email mfox@tacomacc.edu
Phone 253.460.4474
Fax 253.460-4474
Office Bldg. F2 Rm: 24
Dept. Communication & Transitional Studies (Written/Oral Communications)

Profile: Prof. Fox

What would you like students to call you?

Favorite LC lectures
There's not much lecture in our writing class but one of my favorite activities is when students are together in small groups, get out their phones, do some quick research on a current issue, and compare notes. I love this work because students take learning into their own hands and find all kinds of fascinating information from widely different sources and perspectives.

I love teaching in this LC because...
politics is everywhere in our daily lives right now, and I love having the chance to examine our political institutions, to learn with students how change happens (or doesn't happen), and to see what they get fired up about!

In class I'm most likely to say,
"That's a good question." In fact, a few years ago, a student gave me a coffee mug that he'd made at one of those do-it-yourself ceramics places, and he painted "That's a good question" in this fancy script on it.

Class Schedule

Quarter Class Title Day(s) From To Location Mode
Fall ENGL 103HY0 English Composition III ARRANGED

Summer ENGL& 101HY0 English Composition I ARRANGED

Fall ENGL& 101000 English Composition I ARRANGED

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