Enrollment Services

Email enrollmentservices@tacomacc.edu
Phone 253-566-5325
Fax 253-566-5325
Office Bldg. 7
Office Hours


Effective September 9, 2022

Monday- Friday

8:00AM to 5:00PM

*Closed Friday's 12-1pm


Emails are reviewed:


8:00AM to 5:00PM

*Messages Received on weekends or holidays may not be reviewed for up to 2-5 business days 


The phone line is monitored: 


8:00AM to 5:00PM

Drop Box

Available 24/7 for document submission. 

Located on the East side of Building 7.

Drop Box Location at Building 7



Our Vision

We are a premier community college where all students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcomed, appreciated, and valued. We engage students where they are, leading to equitable opportunities for success in learning, life and work.We foster vibrant, productive partnerships that benefit our students and strengthen our community.

Cristina Simental


Email: csimental@tacomacc.edu

Phone: 253-566-6039

The Registrar bears the ultimate responsibility for the operation and functioning of the Enrollment Services office. This includes, but is not limited to employee and budget management, annual planning, representation on campus committees and task forces. Additionally, the Registrar is responsible for understanding and applying legal and governmental regulations, such as FERPA, as they apply to student records and academic policies.


Associate Registrar

Email: TBD

Phone: --

Under the direction of the Registrar, the Associate Registrar is responsible for overseeing compliance with federal, state and local regulations and college policies as they pertain to registration, academic records and credentials. Responsibilities include database management, and overseeing student enrollment processes. This position acts as the official Registrar in the absence of the Registrar.

Alejandra Bicknell

Program Specialist II

Email: abicknell@tacomacc.edu

Phone: 253-460-4329

This Program Specialist II ensures that the college stays in compliance with federal enrollment reporting. They oversee updates to student bio-demographic information, program plans and serves as the main contact for enrollment verifications from students and third parties. 

Stuart Drake

Program Specialist III

Email: sdrake@tacomacc.edu 

Phone: 253-566-5154

The Program Specialist III provides functional and technical support for Enrollment Services within the Campus Solutions pillar of the ctcLink student information system. 

Anthony Elias

Program Specialist II- Credentials Evaluator 

Email: credeval@tacomacc.edu
Degree Questions Email: degreeapp@tacomacc.edu

The Credentials Evaluator is responsible for degree and certificate posting and performs evaluation of incoming credits. This position reviews and evaluates all incoming transcripts and determines appropriate placement of credits from outside institutions. The Credentials Evaluator verifies and awards degrees and certificates and assists with commencement.

Art Goodson

Records Office Clerk

Email: agoodson@tacomacc.edu 

Phone: 253-566-5036

Mary Knutson

Program Specialist II- Credentials Evaluator 

Email: credeval@tacomacc.edu
Degree Questions Email: degreeapp@tacomacc.edu

Phone: 253-460-4326

Desirae Nicks

Customer Service Specialist II

Email: dnicks@tacomacc.edu 

Phone: 253-566-5325

Under the direction of the Associate Registrar, this position provides excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff, and the general public via phone, email and the Enrollment Services front Desk. 

Colleen Spezia

Program Specialist II- Credentials Evaluator 

Email: credeval@tacomacc.edu
Degree Questions Email: degreeapp@tacomacc.edu 

Phone: 253-566-5048