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Carla Davison


Email cdavison@tacomacc.edu
Office Bldg. 18
Dept. Communication & Transitional Studies




One of My Favorite LC Lectures:

I am new to this learning community, so I don’t have a favorite lecture yet! I am really looking forward to exploring topics related to environmental justice. My favorite lectures in previous classes have to do with power dynamics, power relationships, and identity. I think it is important to examine the systems that reinforce particular power structures in our society and to ask questions about these systems. Who holds the power and how do we, as individuals and groups, fit in?


I Love Teaching in this LC Because:

I know I am going to love teaching in this LC because I think it is incredibly important to understand how different disciplines intersect. As an undergraduate, I took a class that combined history, religion, English, and philosophy, and I was amazed to learn how the these subjects weave together. I believe that by integrating disciplines and subjects, we learn to see how life is not black and white, and we are able to learn from and accept ideas and perspectives we may not have thought about before.


In Class I’m Most Likely to:

Get carried away with discussion and run out of time! The thing I enjoy most about teaching is hearing from students and learning from others. I love listening to the ideas students have and facilitating discussion between and amongst my students and colleagues.

Class Schedule

Quarter Class Title Day(s) From To Location Mode
Fall ENGL& 101LC1 English Composition I ARRANGED

Fall HD 101LC1 Student Success Seminar ARRANGED

Fall ENGL/ 095LC1 Academic Reading & Writi ARRANGED

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