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Curriculum & Costs

For the Tacoma Community College Respiratory Therapy Program

Respiratory Therapy Curriculum

Courses in the TCC Respiratory Therapy program

Degree Program

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Respiratory Therapy starts fall quarter and runs for seven consecutive quarters. Please note that this program requires students to attend summer quarter classes during their first year.

In addition to the Respiratory Therapy curriculum, students must complete prerequisite and co-requisite courses.


TCC's Respiratory Therapy is 117 - 127 credits.

Here are recommended schedules:

First Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Fall RC 175** Respiratory Care Orientation 2
  RC 150 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I 4
  RC 263 Pulmonary Functions 3
  RC 180 Respiratory Therapy Clinical I 3
  RC 193 Respiratory Pharmacology I 1
    Total Credits: 17
Second Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Winter RC 151 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II 4
  RC 161 Arterial Blood Gases 3
  RC 171 Respiratory Therapy Equipment II 3
  RC 181 Respiratory Therapy Clinical II 3
  RC 194 Respiratory Pharmacology II 1
    Total Credits: 14
Third Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Spring RC 152 Mechanical Ventilation 4
  RC 162 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
  RC 172 Respiratory Therapy Equipment III 4
  RC 182 Respiratory Therapy Clinical III 3
  RC 195 Respiratory Pharmacology III 1
    Total Credits: 15


Fourth Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Summer CMST 101 Introduction to Communication 5
  RC 153 Alternative Procedures in Respiratory Therapy 3
  RC 165 Evolving Roles in Respiratory Therapy 2
  RC 183 Respiratory Therapy Clinical IV 4
  RC 290 Ethics & Professionalism in Respiratory Care 2
    Total Credits: 16
Fifth Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Second Fall RC 192 Advanced Mechanical Ventilation 4
  RC 240 Advanced Assessment & Diagnosis 3
  RC 280 Specialty Clinical Rotation 4
    Total Credits: 11
Sixth Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Second Winter Computers Word I, Excel I, and/or Power Point 1-5 (variable)
  RC 251 Respiratory Pathophysiology Cases 2
  RC 261 Pediatric and Neonatal Respiratory Care 4
  RC 281 Advance Critical Care Clinical Rotation 4
    Total Credits: 11-15
Seventh Quarter Course Number Course Name Credits
Second Spring ENGL 101 English Composition 5
  RC 262 Review of Application of Respiratory Care (hybrid) 4
  RC 272 Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Home Care
& Assistance in Specialty Procedures
  RC 282 Neonatal Clinical Rotation 2
  RC 283 Specialty Clinical Rotation II 2
    Total Credits 16

* If students have already completed co-requisite classes, RC 299 (Independent Study) can be substituted for 1-5 credits as needed at any point during the program.
** The orientation is a week-long class. The class is completed between Summer and Fall Quarters.

Additional Optional Program Course

Individual Study (RC 299)............................................................................... 1-5 variable

Total Program Credits........................................................................................128-132



Students are encouraged to review the official Tuition Rate information posted by Tacoma Community College.

Need help paying for college? You may be eligible for scholarships and financial aid

Once accepted into the program, there are 7 quarters of Respiratory Therapy courses. Tuition and fee rates are based on WA resident rates (2018-2019) academic year, and are subject to change by Washington State Legislature. 

1st Quarter - 17 credits $1,448.72
2nd Quarter - 14 credits $1,288.94
3rd Quarter - 15 credits $1,342.20
4th Quarter - 16 credits $1,395.46
5th Quarter - 11 credits $1,129.16
6th Quarter - 11-15 credits $1,129.16-$1,342.20
7th Quarter - 16 credits $1,395.46
Approximate TOTAL $9,129.10-$9,342.14

Additional fees added at the time of registration include:

Facility Fee - $.50 per credit to 15 credits, maximum rate $7.50; Technology Fee - $1.75 per credit to 10 credits, maximum rate $17.50; Safety Fee - $15.00 per student; Health and Wellness Center Fee - $30.00; Early Ed. Childcare Building Fee - $12.50; Student Center Building Fee - $15.00; eLearning Fee (for web enhanced, hybrid, or online courses) - $6/credit;  Course Fees - as displayed in class schedule for individual classes.

Approximate Miscellaneous Costs

Course, Lab and Clinical Fees $250
Books $1,500
Uniform (Scrubs) per set $50
Shoes $100
Name Tag $6
Stethoscope $60
Watch with Second Hand Variable
Immunizations $250
Health Insurance Variable
Conference fees (Vary by Location) $250
Trajecsys Clinical Report System $150
Verified Credentials Background Check and Health Clearance Tracking $82.50
Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW) $75/year
Washington State Patrol Criminal Background Check $12/year

Graduation and National Board Examination Fees

Therapist Multiple Choice Exam $190
Clinical Simulation Exam $200
State License Fee $140
Graduation Regalia (Optional) $25

*Tuition costs are subject to change and reflect 2018-2019 rates.