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Respiratory Therapy Prerequisites

What to do before applying to TCC's Respiratory Therapy Program. 

Admission to the Respiratory Therapy program is a competitive process. Generally, there are more applicants to the program than available positions. Therefore, if a student takes all of the prerequisite and co-requisite courses and meets the other requirements for a completed application, it does not guarantee that student admission to the program.


The following classes must be taken before applying to the Respiratory Therapy program. Courses must be completed with a grade 'C' or better within 2 attempts. All math and science courses must have been completed in the last ten years.

Course Number Course Name Credits
MATH 95 or TMATH 100 Intermediate Algebra or higher 5
BIOL 241 Anatomy and Physiology I and II 5
BIOL 242 Anatomy and Physiology II 5
PSYC 100 OR PSYC 200 General Psychology or Lifespan Psychology 5
HIT 130 Medical Terminology - or equivalent medical terminology course 3


Co-requisites may be taken before you apply to the Respiratory Therapy program, or they may be taken while you are in the program.

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENGL 101 English Composition 5
  Communications (choose one of the following): 5
CMST 101 Introduction to Communication  
CMST 220 Public Speaking  
CMST 110 Multicultural Communication  
  Basic Computer Course (choose one of the following): 1-5
CU 102 Word 1  
CU 103 Excel 1  
CU 104 Powerpoint  
CU 105 Word I, Excel I  

Additional Requirements

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Greg Carter, Program Chair

Kellee Rickerl, Clinical Education Director