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Radiologic Program Curriculum

For TCC's Radiologic Technology program.


The Radiologic Science program is taught over eight consecutive quarters. Please note that two summer quarters are included in the program. 


Radiologic Science Program Curriculum

TCC’s Radiologic Science program prepares students to take the AART exam and become certified as Registered Radiologic Technologists.

Degree Program
Career Options

Associate of Applied Science Degree


Two year program leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree and a Certificate of Completion. Prepares students to take the ARRT exam. When students successfully pass this examination, they become certified as a Registered Radiologic Technologist, RT(R) ARRT.

Before applying to the Radiologic Science program be sure you have completed all the program prerequisites.

114 Credit Program


​Year One
​Course Number ​Course Name ​Credits
​​1st Quarter, Fall (18 credits)
​RS 100 ​Radiologic Sciences Orientation ​3
​RS 101 ​Fundamentals of Radiologic Science & Health Care ​4
​RS 140 ​Radiographic Positioning I ​5
​RS 150 ​Principles of Image Formation  ​1
​RS 170 ​Introduction of Fundamentals of Patient Care 5​
​2nd Quarter, Winter (15 credits)
​RS 108 ​Radiation Physics I ​4
​RS 120 ​Clinical Education I ​5
​RS 141 ​Radiographic Positioning II ​5
​RS 153 ​Principles of Digital Radiography I ​1
​3rd Quarter, Spring (14 credits) 
​RS 109 ​Radiation Physics II ​4
​RS 121 ​Clinical Education II ​5
​RS 142 ​Radiographic Positioning III ​5
4th Quarter, Summer (10 credits)
​RS 122 ​Clinical Education III ​10 
​Year Two
​Course Number ​Course Name ​Credits
​5th Quarter, Fall (17 credits)
​RS 225 ​Clinical Education IV ​8
​RS 243 ​Radiographic Positioning IV ​3
​RS 200 ​Cross Sectional Anatomy ​3
​RS 214 ​Imaging Pathology  ​3
​6th Quarter, Winter (14 credits)
​RS 216 ​Pharmacology IV: Therapy ​3
​RS 226 ​Clinical Education V ​7
​RS 233 ​Leadership and Management ​1
​RS 244 ​Radiographic Positioning V ​3
​7th Quarter, Spring (16 credits) 
​RS 250 ​Advanced Health Care Organization  ​3
​RS 227 ​Clinical Education VI ​7
​RS 255 ​Advanced Imaging Modalities ​2
RS 280 Computed Tomography 2
RS 290  Radiography Registry Review 2
​8th Quarter, Summer (10 credits)
​RS 228 ​Clinical Education VII ​10

Careers in Radiologic Science

Research Careers for this area of study.