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Admission Process

How to apply to the Radiologic Science program at TCC. 

How to Apply

Program Starts Application Dates Application Deadline
Fall quarter Jan. 1 - April 7 5 p.m. April 7

Admission Requirements

9/10/20 Note: The Radiologic Science Virtual Information Session is under reconstruction and currently not available. We hope to have an updated version available on this page by the end of October. Similarly, the Radiologic Science Program Application Packet is being updated and will be available by the end of November.

For more detailed information about Admission Requirements, please download the Radiologic Science Program packet.

  • Apply for general admission to Tacoma Community College. 
  • Participate and complete the Radiologic Science Virtual Information Session within the academic year immediately prior to application deadline
  • Complete the required 8-hour hospital visitation  - See update above.
  • Complete the 7 specific prerequisite courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course 
  • Provide evidence of completion of the 7 prerequisite courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course 
  • New for 2020 application cycle (optional) - Documentation of direct patient care experience.
  • Ensure that all official transcripts from other accredited colleges are received in the Records & Registration Office, Bldg. 7 by the application deadline of April 7.

Visitation Instructions, Guidelines and Forms

Before applying to the Radiologic Science, you must provide documentation showing that you have completed an 8-hour visitation (job shadow) to a diagnostic radiology department. This visit allows you to see what a staff radiographer's job entails. TCC's Radiologic Science program is designed to prepare a student to effectively work in this type of environment.

For more detailed information, please download:
Radiologic Science Visitation Instructions and Guidelines

*New for 2020 Application Cycle!

Although not required, prospective applicants may now earn additional points through paid or unpaid direct patient care experience.

  • For 30 hours of direct patient care experience, an additional 1 point will be awarded.
  • For 60 hours of direct patient care experience, an additional 2 points will be awarded.

Documentation requirements include a letter of recommendation from your supervisor which explicitly attests to the total number of hours providing direct patient care activities, AND lists examples of the specific types of direct patient care performed.  This letter will be uploaded into the online application.

Selection Process

Radiologic Science is a competitive application program. Students will be awarded points based on the grades they earn in prerequisite courses, from feedback received from the students' 8-hour visit to a diagnostic radiology department, and from providing documentation of direct patient care experience.  Students earning the highest number of points will be admitted to the program. 

If Selected

If selected, you will receive an offer letter via the TCC e-mail, which will provide a date by which you need to confirm acceptance of offer. If your response for acceptance is not received by the deadline the offer will be rescinded and provided to the next student on the list.

If Not Selected

If you are not selected, and wish to be considered for future drawings, you must reapply. You do not need to resubmit transcripts. Please note that students who are not selected for the Radiologic Science program are given additional points if they chose to apply again the next year.

You may also wish to explore another Health Careers program offering at TCC. Feel free to contact an advisor at 253-566-6091 or by email.


Questions about TCC's Radiologic Science program? Check here!