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DTA/MRP Prerequisites

What do before applying to the Nursing program.

New Admission Process Update (revised 2.9.24)

Tacoma Community College’s Nursing program is committed to reducing barriers for students to earn a nursing degree and is still developing a more equitable and holistic admission process. We thank you for your patience as we navigate this complex process. All future updates will be placed on this website once they have been finalized and implemented.

We have are very pleased to announce that beginning with the next application cycle, starting on June 1, 2024:

  • The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam will NO LONGER be required for admission to the traditional RN and the LPN to RN programs.
  • The CNA (NAC) certified nursing assistant credential will NO LONGER be required for admission to the traditional RN program.
  • Please note that applicants with specific healthcare experience and/or credentials (such as CNA/NAC, MA, EMT, RT, etc.) may receive additional points in the new scoring system, however the CNA/NAC credential is no longer mandatory.
  • Retakes or repeats for ANY pre-requisite course will NO LONGER carry a penalty such as deduction of points in the new scoring system. There continues to be no time limit on the age of prerequisite courses.
  • No changes will be made to the current required prerequisite courses and required grades.

Revision of the new scoring system and our final admission process are still in process, so we ask your continual patience as we develop a more equitable admission process.

Jillian T. Edwards, DNP, MN, BSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, RN
Associate Dean of Nursing
Tacoma Community College


Nursing Program Prerequisites

Before applying to the Associate of Nursing DTA/MRP program, students must complete a number of prerequisites.  

Find out how prerequisites are weighted in TCC's nursing admission lottery system. Also, be sure to check immunization requirements and other essential requirements for nursing to make sure you're eligible to work in health care. 

NOTE: This section will be updated to reflect new admission requirements, after the current spring '24 admission cycle has been completed

ATI TEAS Testing Exam Information

TCC requires all nursing program applicants to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). This exam is used to evaluate entry level academic readiness for nursing program applicants.

In addition to purchasing the ATI study guides, Tacoma Community College would like to offer the following resources to help you with the ATI exam. 

Please note: TCC still recommends purchasing the ATI study guides.

TEAS Practice Test

Free TEAS Study Guides 

Additional Licensure Requirements

NAC (Nursing Assistant Certified) licensure in Washington state is a requirement for application to the DTA/MRP Nursing program. 

NOTE: If you already have a healthcare license, such as Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Assistant, or others, but not a Nursing Assistant Certification, you could qualify for our 1-credit HT 199 course. Please read this document for more details.

Practical Nursing Licensure in Washington state is a requirement for application to the LPN to RN Advanced Standing DTA/MRP program. 

Factored Prerequisites

Factored prerequisites must be completed before applying to the Nursing program. Each course must be successfully passed with a grade of B or higher. You must have no more than two attempts in a five year period. Unsuccessful attempts more than five years old are disregarded. There is no expiration date for prerequisites. These attempts include all academic withdrawals listed as W. This also includes I, WI, V and Z as well as grades B- and below. 

Factored Prerequisite Course Number Factored Prerequisite Name Prerequisite(s) to Factored Prerequisite
CHEM& 121* Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry Proficiency in Algebra 
BIOL& 241 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL& 160 with a minimum grade of C and (CHEM& 121 with a minimum grade of C or CHEM& 140 with a minimum grade of C or

CHEM& 161 with a minimum grade of C)

BIOL& 242 Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL& 241 with a minimum grade of C
ENGL& 101 English Composition I Completion of the English Directed Self Placement Tool
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology PSYC& 100 with a minimum grade of C and ENGL& 101 with a minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment
BIOL& 260 General Microbiology

CHEM& 121 with a minimum grade of C (or higher-level chemistry course with a minimum grade of C) and (BIOL& 160 with a minimum grade of C or

BIOL& 222 with a minimum grade of C)

*Chem& 121 is recommended, but will allow Chem&161 if you have already taken it. (2 attempt rule as stated above still applies)


ASSIGNING GRADE VALUES TO ADVANCED PLACEMENT TEST SCORES. The college awards credit to students who have tested in AP courses coming out of high school. Test scores received by students will be used to calculate a grade point value as follows:

Numerical Grade AP Testing Score
4.0 5
3.0 4

Non-Factored Prerequisites

Completion of the courses listed below with a C or higher. There are no attempt or expiration date rules. All non-factored prerequisites must be completed prior to admission, with a minimum grade of 2.0.

  • ENGL& 102 (English Composition II: Argument and Persuasion) or ENGL& 103 (English Composition III: Writing about Literature)  or ENGL& 235 (Technical Writing)
  • CMST&210 (Interpersonal Communications)
  • Nutrition 250 (Nutrition in Health Care) - will accept Nutrition 101 as meeting this requirement
  • PSYCH&100 (General Psychology)
  • BIOL&160 (General Cell Biology). BIOL& 211 (Majors Cellular) or BIOL& 222 (Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology) may also be used to meet this requirement.  
    NOTE: If you are a Tacoma Community College student and have taken a higher level Biology class, you can contact Ken Cushman to arrange taking a challenge exam for BIOL&160 credit.
  • MATH&146 (Statistics)
  • Humanities - 5 credits (Choose from the Approved Distribution List pdf)

Information for Transfer Students

  • Coursework completed at other colleges must be evaluated by TCC Enrollment Services office. After applying to TCC, applicants should submit official transcripts from the originating college to TCC. Do not send transcripts directly to the nursing program.
    NOTE: When you are sending official transcripts to Tacoma Community College, please provide this Request to Evaluate Transcript (pdf) document to Enrollment Services in Bldg. 7, in person or by email at so they know to expect these transcripts.
  • Courses within the Washington Community and Technical College system with "&" in the course title are universally accepted from college to college. See table of common course equivalencies



If you have questions about prerequisites and how courses transfer in, please call our advising department and make an appointment with a pre-nursing advisor: 253-566-6091.