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DMS Application Process

How to apply to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Tacoma Community College

New to College?

If you are new to TCC, you need to become a TCC student before applying to the DMS program.

TCC Admission Information

DMS Application Deadline

The DMS application will be available on the TCC Student Portal April 1 - July 1.

Applications due by 5 p.m. July 1.  

How to Apply

9/10/20 Note: The DMS Virtual Information Session is under reconstruction and currently not available. We hope to have an updated version available on this page by the end of October. Similarly, the DMS Program Application Packet is being updated and will be available by the end of November.

Applications will only be accepted via the online submission process. For more information on how to apply to TCC's Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, please see the DMS Program Application Packet (PDF).

  • Complete program course pre-requisites with a grade of "C+" or better in each course, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 in the pre-requisite courses. You must upload unofficial transcripts to the DMS online application.
  • Participate and complete the DMS Virtual Information Session within the academic year immediately prior to the application deadline. (You must upload the certificate to the DMS online application).
  • Complete 8 hours of job shadowing in a sonography department. Only completed, verifiable forms will be accepted. Refer to the program application packet for detailed instructions and guidelines. You must upload the Ultrasound Job Shadow form to the DMS online application.  3/20/20 Update: In response to COVID-19 
    many area health care organizations are limiting non-essential personnel on site, and are not allowing prospective students to participate in observations. As such, the job shadow is not a requirement for the Fall 2020 application.
  • Additional points are awarded for experience in patient related healthcare. Refer to the program application packet for detailed rules and guidelines. If you have healthcare experience, you must upload the patient care experience form to the DMS online application.
  • Access online application through the TCC student portal after April 1st and submit application with supporting documents by the deadline of July 1st.  

Official Transcripts

  • Any classes transferred in must be from an accredited college or university acceptable to Tacoma Community College (e.g., a school accredited by one of the regional accreditation organizations). See Common Course Equivalencies (doc) (pdf) 
  • Any higher level equivalent course may be accepted in place of the listed prerequisites.  Please contact the Program Chair for approval of course substitutions.
  • All official transcripts from another accredited college must be received in the Records & Registration Office, Bldg. 7, by the application deadline of July 1.

Application Policies

Admission policies are subject to change. Applications will be accepted under the terms in place at the time an application is received. It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep up to date on any changes that may affect their qualifications for acceptance and ensure their online application was complete in all respects.

The Selection Process 

Acceptance into the DMS program is based on points:

  • The grade you receive for each of your prerequisite courses is assigned a points value: A = 4.0, B = 3.0, etc. 
  • The highest number of possible points for the prerequisite classes is 28. 
  • Additional points may be awarded for direct patient care experiences. Please refer to the program application packet.

Points are evaluated, and the students with the top scores are offered a place in the program. In evaluating applications, additional points are awarded for experience in patient related healthcare experience. Please see the DMS Program Application Packet (PDF) for more details.

Admission to the DMS program is a competitive process. Generally, there are more applicants to the program than available positions. Therefore, if a student takes all the prerequisite classes and meets the other requirements for a completed application, it does not guarantee admission to the program. Applicants must be officially accepted by the program prior to enrolling in DMS program courses. Notifications regarding status will be emailed to each applicant by the end of August.

If Not Selected

  • Applicants that are reapplying to the DMS program will not need to participate and complete the virtual information session or complete a new 8 hour ultrasound job shadow, as long as they have been completed within the last five years prior to the application deadline.
  • 1 point will be awarded to applicants who have applied previously, up to two previous application cycles.
  • You may be interested in exploring some of our other Health Careers pathways. Find out more at a Health Careers info session

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