Dropped for Non-Payment

Tacoma Community College’s Drop for Non-Payment procedure is the administrative process by which students are dropped from classes. This procedure is in accordance with the State Board for Community and Technical colleges reporting requirement. The Drop for non-payment occurs when enrolled students do not pay their TCC account balance for an academic quarter. Drops for non-payments are processed twice each term. Specific drop dates are listed on the Important Dates Calendar.

Students who do not pay tuition and fees will be dropped from their classes unless: 

  • The outstanding balance is $350 or less
  • The student is enrolled in a payment plan and payments are up to date for the current term.

What to Do if You're Dropped for Non-Payment

After the first drop: students who wish to re-enroll in classes can via ctcLink--> Student Homepage. If the class is full, then students may add themselves to the waitlist. If a student re-enrolls then they are responsible for paying tuition and fees immediately. 

After the second drop: students who wish to re-enroll may do so by completing the Drop for Non Payment Exception Form within 24 hours of the drop. After 24 hours instructor permission is required. Include your student ID number, the class numbers and the term. 

How to Avoid Being Dropped

  1. Check the Important Dates Calendar for tuition due dates. 
  2. Make a payment. Collaborate with Student Financial Services to understand tuition payments, payment plans, deadlines and impact. Adiditionally, if your tuition is being covered by a third party, you should see a hold (Third Party Billing – Pymt Exp) posted on your Student Center in ctcLink. If you do not see this hold contact Student Financial Services for any billing questions via email at sfs@tacomacc.edu
  3. Check the status of your Financial Aid or Funding. For Financial Aid resources visit Financial Aid. The Financial Aid office can provide deadlines regarding the financial aid awarding process. Submitting your aid application on time can prevent students from being dropped for non-payment. Contact Financial Aid for any awarding questions via email at faid@tacomacc.edu. 
  4. If you are a Veteran student using the Post 9/11 GI bill (Chapter 33), Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Chapter 31) or Dependent Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35); you should see a hold (VA Payment Expected) posted on your Student Center in ctcLink. If you do not see this hold by the drop for non-payment deadline contact the Veteran Services office at va@tacomacc.edu. If a hold is approved and placed on your account the hold will stop us from dropping you for non-payment.


Students are notified that they are on the Drop for Non-Payment list. The notification is sent to the email on a students ctcLink account--> Student Homepage--> Profile--> Contact Details and to the students ctcLink account--> Student Homepage--> Message Center. 

Holds that Prevent Drops for Non-Payment

If the following service indicators have been applied to your account you will not be dropped for non-payment. 

  • B07: Prevent Enrollment Cancellation
  • F02: Financial Aid Award Pending
  • B71: VA Payment Expected

To review service indicators applied to your student account visit ctcLink--> Student Homepage-->Tasks--> Holds.

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