Emeritus - Exempt and Classified Staff

Section: IV. ADSV - 290
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, August 9, 2012
Last Review: Unknown
Last Revision: Unknown
Prior Revisions: Unknown
Initial Adoption: 08/09/2012


To recognize outstanding service to Tacoma Community College and its students by granting the honorary status of “Emeritus” to qualifying exempt and classified staff.

To whom does this policy apply?

This policy applies to all Exempt and Classified Employees. This policy does not apply to academic employees, part-time temporary employees, or volunteers.




Emeritus Status—status granted to select retired members of the College’s exempt and classified staff who have demonstrated the very highest and most outstanding service to the college and its students.


“Emeritus” is a designated honorary status that may be conferred upon a retired member of the exempt or classified staff or in anticipation of the retirement of an exempt or classified member, effective upon retirement. Conferring of this title is not automatic upon retirement.  The title confers status and rank and shall be conferred based upon individual distinction and quality of contribution and service to the College and its students.  The “Emeritus” rank carries no formal employment relationship, associated responsibilities or compensation.

The college may choose to rescind the emeritus status designation from an exempt or classified member at any time.



Any full-time exempt or classified employee may qualify for emeritus status upon retirement and after 10 years of service to the college as a full-time employee.

Any qualifying full-time exempt or classified member who retired prior to the approval of this policy may be appointed to such status retroactively to the date of his/her retirement.

Persons who hold an emeritus title at another institution are not eligible for an emeritus title from Tacoma Community College.

Nomination and Approval Process

A request for emeritus status for an exempt or classified employee must be made in writing to the President of the College.  The letter of request shall include the employee’s qualifications for the title and list examples of outstanding service to the college and to students during the employee’s appointment at Tacoma Community College.  The President will take the recommendation to the voting members of the College Council for discussion of endorsement and report the outcome to the Board of Trustees.

Upon recommendation from the President and approval by the Board of Trustees, the exempt or classified staff will then be granted “Emeritus” status.  The President will publish the employee’s appointment to emeritus status to the campus community.

Honors and Privileges

The College may offer to Emeritus staff certain honors and privileges. Such honors and privileges are at the discretion of and as defined by the College. The honors and privileges afforded emeritus staff may include the following:

  • Business cards provided by the college with the title of “Emeritus.”
  • An identification card with title “Emeritus.”
  • A college provided e-mail account with the domain name the college uses. (i.e. astaff@tacomacc.edu) as well as access to the campus network if necessary.
  • Listing in the college catalog, the commencement program, and other publications as the college deems appropriate.
  • TCC Library rights and privileges comparable to those available to non-retired exempt and classified staff.
  • Access to campus, athletic and community events (including development days), performances, and publications, and use of College facilities (e.g. Fitness Center), comparable to those available to non-retired exempt and classified staff.
  • An invitation to participate in commencement activities each year in a comparable manner to non-retired exempt and classified staff.
  • Participation in Institutional Advancement and Foundation activities and events in a comparable manner to non-retired exempt and classified staff.
  • Participation in community relations activities, interacting with community groups in a manner comparable to a non-retired exempt and classified staff.
  • A VIP parking pass.