Accident Investigation and Reporting

Section: IV. ADSV-620
Approved By: Dr. Pamela Transue, 8/2/11
Last Review: 6/27/11
Last Revision: 6/27/11
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Initial Adoption: unknown


It is the policy of the College to maintain and promote a safe work environment. The policy clarifies how accident investigation are to be conducted, identify causes and develop accident prevention strategy.


To achieve Tacoma Community College’s goal in providing and maintaining the highest standard of occupational safety and health for its staff, students and visitors. This document details the procedure for incident notification, investigation and reporting.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to all students and employees of the college.





Accident is defined as any unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage.

Investigation is defined as the gathering of information to determine how and why the accident occurred.

Reporting is defined has given a spoken or written account of something that one observed, heard, done, or investigated.


All accidents no matter how minor - shall be reported promptly to the immediate supervisor for evaluation/investigation.  Each accident should be reviewed to prevent recurrence.  Supervisors are to investigate, correct the problem, report on corrective action or indicate to the safety officer any suggested corrective solutions beyond department control.

Medical Emergency Procedure

An aid car will be called in the case where the employee needs immediate medical attention.  The telephone number is 9-911.

Documentation Procedures

  1. Minor Injuries: (Requiring doctor/outpatient care) After the emergency actions following an accident, an investigation of the accident will be conducted by the immediate supervisor in conjunction with any witnesses to the accident, to determine cause. The findings of the investigation shall be documented on an accident investigation form available from the Office of Public Safety.
    Distribution of the completed form will be as follows:
    1. Copy to Public Safety Office
    2. Copy top Personnel Office
    3. Copy to Business Office
    4. Copy to Department/Division
    5. Copy to Employee
  2. Major Injuries:
    1. The Department Head and Campus Public Safety are to be notified immediately by the person in charge and an investigation under the direction of Public Safety will be conducted. In addition, the inspection party will include the unit supervisor of the injured person.
    2. In the case of a fatality, or if two or more employees are hospitalized, Public Safety will report the accident to the nearest office of the Department of Labor and Industries within 24 hours after the occurrence of the accident. The report shall relate the circumstances, the number of fatalities, and the extent of any injuries. (Note: Any equipment involved in an accident resulting in a fatality is not to be moved until a representative of the Department of Labor and Industries investigates the accident and authorizes its removal - unless it is necessary to move the equipment to prevent further injuries.
  3. Near Misses:  (Likelihood of Personal Injury or Property Damage) To the greatest extent possible, all "near-miss" accidents shall be investigated by the department/division head, campus safety officer and Safety Committee representative.  Documentation will be made on the campus accident investigation form.  A near-miss accident is defined as an unplanned event where damage resulted to equipment, but there is no personal injury - or where damage did not result, but where the likelihood of personal injury to the employee was great.  Steps should be taken as soon as possible to eliminate any or all of the conditions contributing to any "near-miss" situation and/or employee training provided to prevent a reoccurrence.