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Clubs & Organizations

Find a group of students that share your interests. Or start one! 



OSE Clubs & Organizations

Join one or start your own! If you don’t see an existing club that matches your interests, find your people and start a new one. All students are welcome to join any club! 

Fill out a club sanctioning form

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Join a Club

At the beginning of Fall, Winter and Spring quarters we hold a Club Workshop to teach the basics of starting and maintaining your club. We also hold a Club Fair where you can find clubs that are currently active, or recruit students to the club you want to start.

*For sanctioned clubs only

BSU Elections 

May 31, 2 - 3:30 p.m., Building 11 Senate Room 

Apply To Run for Office

flyer for 2023 BSU elections, with QR code to apply. Application link is in website text.  

Why Join a Club? 

Perspectives from the Fall 2022 Club Rush 





Branton Waitiki, bwaitiki74423@tacomacc.edu, OSE Club Outreach Specialist  

Davis Mugisha, Dmugisha@tacomacc.edu, OSE VP of Clubs and Finance

LaRon Horseherder,  lhorseherder@tacomacc.edu, OSE Program Coordinator, Clubs & Intramurals

Active OSE Clubs 2022-23

Find a club that interests you --- or start one! "Active" clubs are meeting fall quarter.