parking on campus


Tacoma campus 

Please park in designated spots. Students may not park in a “STAFF” or “VISITOR” parking stall. Employees may not park in “VISITOR” parking stalls. A disabled placard, plate, or tab and a valid TCC parking permit must both be properly displayed when parking in a disabled stall.

Parking permits must be properly placed inside, on the lower left corner of the vehicle windshield.

Vehicles must first be registered online before requesting a student or employee parking permit. 

Online Vehicle Registration

After completing the online vehicle registration form and paying, stop by the Campus Public Safety Customer Service Desk in Building 14 to pick up a permit. Most students are charged a Mandatory Safety Fee every quarter which covers the cost of one parking permit. The price for students who are not charged this fee is $15.00 per quarter. You may verify your charges by checking your ctcLink Financial Account.

Visitor parking

Visitors may park in stalls marked “VISITOR” or if full, may obtain a temporary permit from the Campus Public Safety Customer Service Desk.

Gig Harbor campus

Parking permits are not required at the Gig Harbor Campus.

Customer Service Desk Hours


Questions or Concerns?

Call: 253-566-5111 or 253-460-4422


Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters

Monday-Thursday: 8am-7pm
Friday: 8am-5pm

Summer Quarter

Monday-Thursday: 7am-7pm
Friday: Closed

Parking and Traffic fines 

TCC may issue fines if permits are not properly displayed. Parking and traffic fines are:

No Valid Permit Visible




Obstructing Traffic


Stop Sign Violation


Illegal Parking


Parking in Fire Lane


Reckless Driving


Other Violations


Disabled Parking

$250 (Tacoma Police Dept.: $450)

Paying a Fine

Students fines will automatically be billed to your TCC financial account. Students may pay fines through ctcLink or by cash, check or money order at the Cashier Window in Building 14.

  • From your ctcLink Student Homepage, select Financial Account, then Make a Payment under the Payment dropdown menu. Fines will be recorded as a miscellaneous Fee

Nonstudents may pay fines by debit or credit using this online payment form or by cash, check or money order at the Cashier Window in Building 14.