photo of washington wheat field

Pacific Northwest Landscape

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An oil painting with a yellow foreground, blue and lavender mountains in the distance, and a blue sky
A mixed media collage of torn paper.  The foreground and background are brown and green and the blue river is in the center.
A mixed media collage of torn paper.  The foreground is green,  the mouths and blue and the sky is blue and lavender.
A log with a tree growing from it
A landscape of green and grey trees, a blue mountain and blue sky in the background in a horizontal format.
An abstract landscape on two panels in browns. yellows, and greens.
A work of art made from decorative tins that have been flattened and cut.  It is a picture of the Vashon Island with the Puget Sound around it.
Colorful ceramic birds sitting in shredded blue paper in the drinking fountain.
A charcoal drawing of bales of hay on a farm field
A cropped view of a pond with flowers  in foreground and waterlilies in the pond made in quilted fabric
A painting with a small sliver of land and a stormy sky occupying the majority of the picture plane.
A black and white photograph of Chambers Bay.  The sky occupied more than half of the composition.
A cut paper monoprint of mountains and foothills in blues, greens, grays, browns. and oranges
A cut paper monoprint of mountains and foothills in blues, greens, grays, browns. lavenders, and oranges in a vertical format.
A cut paper monoprint of mountains and foothills in blues, greens, lavenders and grays
A painting of the Coweeman River in the foreground curing from the left to right and disappearing in the landscape with grey trees with no leaves in the background.
A view of the Palix River in yellow on the left with a gray road on the right and a mountain in the distance
A view of the Tieton river, framed by trees, with a bridge in the distance.
A black pen and ink drawing of an imaginary forest with a slight bit of green leaves on the left side.
A view of a fallen tree in the foreground and standing trees in the background.
A cropped image of a tree with the roots exposed and other vegetation on either side.
An abstract painting of the Cascade mountain range in yellows, greens, and reds.
An abstract image of Eastern Washington looking down on  the Columbia River in yellows, greens, browns, and reds
An abstract image of dry coulees and reservoirs that irrigate areas in Eastern Washington
A color photograph of the view of a lake from a mountain.
A color photograph of a glacier in the Canadian Rockies covered in snow.
A sliver of a yellow landscape in Prosser Washington with an expansive sky taking up much of the image
An abstract image of trees against a white ground
A painting of the river flanked by trees and a golden sky
An oil painting of a forest that has been clear cut.
An oil painting of a green foreground, and trees in the in the background.
An oil painting of a green foreground, green trees across the center, and a blue sky with clouds
A swimming pool in the foreground in the foreground, grass in the center, and mountain in the background
A pen and ink drawing of two salmon composed of text about them in their bodies and long diagonal strips of words behind them.
A Macaw man standing in a canoe in Neah Bay with mountains in the background.
A yellow, orange, and green peak set against a blue and yellow sky.
An expressive view of Larch Lake in bright colors.
A scroll in ink with an image of a branch of a persimmon tree with a bird flying toward it
A detail from a larger ink on rice paper painting.  The detail shows a bird on a brank of a blackberry bush
An abstract painting of Auburn valley in green, blue, yellow, brown, and red
An abstract landscape of the Kent/Auburn valley in blue, yellow, orange, red green and blue.
An oil painting of a road disappearing into the distance with oak trees on the right.
Four separate rectangular panels of trees in different seasons.
An abstract work made from recycled materials cut into long strips suggestive of rain, and snow on trees