2021 Student Art Exhibit


During Spring quarter, the TCC Art Gallery provides a venue for the art faculty to exhibit a selection of artwork produced by students in their courses. It is the first time some of our students have shown their work and an important learning experience for them as they will be expected to participate in exhibitions in their professional careers. Please join me in congratulating the art faculty and students for their virtual exhibition.

- Jennifer Olson, TCC Gallery Director


Meet the Art Faculty

During the 2020-2021 academic year, TCC's Art Faculty found creative ways to teach traditional media in their online courses. As we worked remotely throughout the year, both professor and student alike were resourceful and set up “mini-studios” in their own homes to produce their work. Many traditional projects needed to change to accommodate the materials students could use working from their kitchen tables in many cases. But there is nothing we, as Art Professors, like better than a creative challenge. Although we couldn’t use printmaking presses, ceramic throwing wheels, or molten bronze, we still challenged our students to find inspiration and meaning in everyday materials and the world around them. The faculty is proud that their students were able to produce works of art in challenging times and we hope you enjoy viewing them in the online exhibition.

- Marit Berg, Art Department Chair


Marit Berg headshot

Marit Berg, Art Department Chair and Printmaking Professor

Alice Di Certo headshot

Alice Di Certo, Two-Dimensional Design Professor

rick mahaffey headshot

Rick Mahaffey, Ceramics Professor


Anthony Culanag headshot

Anthony Culanag, Graphic Design and Digital Photography Professor

Karen Doten headshot

Karen Doten, Painting and Drawing Professor


Kyle Dillehay headshot

Kyle Dillehay, Traditional Photography and Sculpture Professor

Jennifer Roholt headshot

Jennifer Roholt, Drawing Professor