interior detail of Harned Center

Harned Center for Health Careers

Get a cutting-edge education in the medical field at a state-of-the-art geothermally heated, 70,000-square-foot facility.


The Harned Center is the heart of TCC's Health Careers program. The center is named after H.C. “Joe” Harned, a college benefactor who recently contributed the single largest donation in TCC’s history. Its full name is the H.C. Joe Harned Center for Health Careers.

The Harned Center, or Bldg. 13, is located on the south end of campus, north of the Pamela Transue Center for Science and Engineering. One major entrance faces Mildred Street and another major entrance faces the Campus Commons at the center of campus.


More about the Harned Center.

  • Constructed to LEED Gold standards; second LEED Gold-rated building on campus.
  • Heated and cooled using geothermal technology
  • Built around a large atrium space in the middle of the building with abundant natural lighting
  • Designed with universal access in mind
  • Many interactive learning spaces for quiet study, reflection, or meeting
  • Two rooftop gardens
  • Hospital-grade teaching equipment for nursing, radiology, sonography, and other programs
  • Ambulance entrance (with ambulance!) for EMT training

Demand for trained health care workers is high.

There is a shortage of trained health care workers, and significant need is projected for the next decade. With advanced equipment, a talented and skilled faculty and real-world learning spaces, the Harned Center allows students to get the training they need to strengthen their careers.

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