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TCC Vaccine Incentive Program


Get vaccinated! 

TCC is part of a state-wide effort to provide vaccine incentives for students. We will hold a drawing for eligible students on July 21st. Ten students will receive a $1,000 scholarship for the fall quarter of 2021. The scholarship will be applied toward fall quarter tuition, books, supplies, fees and other costs related to instruction.

How this works

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • TCC students only
  • Enrolled in spring quarter 2021 with at least six credits
  • TCC students who did not graduate or complete at end of spring quarter 2021
  • Washington residents
  • Proof of Covid-19 vaccination. You are eligible if you have had at least the first shot (please provide proof, such as the vaccination card). First shot must be administered by July 21st.
  • Enrolled in fall quarter 2021 and taking at least six credits

Drawing for Eligible Students

  • Students who were enrolled in spring quarter with at least six credits, and did not graduate nor complete, will be automatically entered into a drawing.
  • Upon drawing, the selected students will be asked to show proof of vaccination, Washington residency and confirmation re: fall quarter enrollment.
  • Students are encouraged to check and make sure their contact information is current in their ctcLink Student Center.


  • The drawing will be held at 9am on July 21.
  • Names will be finalized and announced by July 30.
  • The scholarships will be distributed within the first week of fall quarter 2021.

If you were enrolled in spring with six or more credits and did not graduate or complete your education at TCC, you will be entered into our drawing! Get vaccinated plus enroll for fall quarter to be fully eligible for this scholarship.

Vaccine information:

To search for classes and enroll for fall:

TCC Vaccination Incentive Selection FAQ