Workforce FAQ

Which degrees and certificates can Workforce Grants provide funding? 

I would like to pursue an Associates of Arts (AA) transfer program at TCC, can I get funding?

  • General Academic Transfer AA DTA is not eligible for Workforce Grants.
  • Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET) funds can assist with TCC's following Academic Transfer Programs: 
    • Associate of Arts in Biology, Business, Computer Science, Music, Pre-nursing.
    • Associate of Science with specialization in Astronomy/Physics; Atmospheric Science; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Engineering; Earth Sciences; General Engineering; Environmental Sciences.
    • Associate of Science in Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Industrial and Material Science Engineering.
  • Worker Retraining, Workfirst, and ​Opportunity Grant cannot assist any Academic Transfer Programs.

Could I pursue a Bachelor degree at TCC and be eligible for Workforce funding?

  • Worker Retraining Grant can assist all Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees.
  • Opportunity Grant can assist the Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and the Community Health Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS).
  • BFET and Workfirst cannot assist students in a Bachelor degree program but can assist with an AAST degree that may lead to a BAS degree.

I received Pell Grant for tuitions and books, can I still get funding from Workforce?

  • Workforce funding is ‘start-up’ and ‘fill-in the gap’ funding. When Pell Grant or other grants fully fund a student's tuition, fees, and books, Workforce cannot provide additional funding since there is no need for that quarter. Students should inquire about resources to assist with other needs. 
  • For additional questions, please contact us.

I attended a Workforce Workshop and completed the Intake Application, now what?

  • We have provided you with a Workforce student checklist, please follow the checklist. For additional questions and help, please contact us.

I am not sure what program I want to study - Can I still apply for Workforce Funding?

  • TCC has many degrees that lead to good careers. Attending a Workforce Workshop will outline the programs eligible for funding, get you started on enrolling and highlight resources available to help you choose a degree path.