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Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

Learn the basic requirements you must meet to get financial aid at TCC.

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizen, permanent resident or eligible non-citizen
  • Admitted to TCC as a regular student seeking an eligible TCC college degree or certificate
  • Students must have a high school diploma, GED® or high school equivalency, OR meet Ability to Benefit (ATB) criteria. Call 253-566-5144 to schedule an appointment with Rebecca Jayasundara for ATB information
  • Valid Social Security Number
  • Not in default on other student loans or owe repayments on a grant
  • Registered with the Selective Service (if required)
  • Making satisfactory academic progress as defined by the TCC satisfactory academic progress requirements (including maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA after any 6 quarters of attendance)

Please Note: Adult Basic Education classes are not eligible for financial aid. If you have questions about eligible classes and options please contact the ABE department at basicskills@tacomacc.edu or by calling 253-566-5144.

Financial aid isn’t available for High School Completion, GED, Running Start, Fresh Start or Continuing Education classes.

ABT (Ability to Benefit)

Guidance for students who do not have a high school credential but need financial aid for college.