Coronavirus & ICE Updates

Spring/Summer 2021 Announcement 

February 10, 20221
To:  Students and Global Partners

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support of Tacoma Community College during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  We are very anxious to return to normal but unfortunately current conditions require that we continue to operate remotely with very limited on campus services available to support students.

What this means to our international students:

Tacoma Community College’s online learning plan is available here and online classes will be the primary delivery mode for the majority of classes in the spring and summer quarters.  TCC will be offering a limited selection of hybrid and face-to-face course offerings. 

  • New/initial students will not be permitted to arrive in the U.S. for 100 percent online coursework. You are, however, welcome to begin your coursework online from your home country to begin earning credits towards your academic degree. Please register as an online student for the Spring/Summer term by completing this form:
  • New/initial students who have received a visa and would like to travel are required to take a mix of hybrid and online courses. The college’s hybrid options are extremely limited, and we do not recommend traveling to the US at this time. We encourage you to begin your coursework online from your home country and ask that you register for the upcoming term by completing this form:
  • Current/active students who are already in the U.S. may continue to take online courses this Winter. Students who were enrolled as of March 9, 2020 and are currenlty abroad may keep their SEVIS record active by continuing to enroll in a full coure of study online. Students who have remained in the U.S. in active status and are starting a new program of study with TCC are included in the above. 
  • Students on an approved quarter off for Fall are eligible to enroll in 100 percent online courses in Winter IF they have been studying in the U.S. on/or before March 9, 2020 and had their vacation quarter approved. This applies to both students who have stayed in the U.S. and those who have departed.

 Travel to the U.S. & Housing

We do not recommend that you travel to the Seattle-Tacoma area as the college still operating remotely, and we are not able to provide airport pickup and/or homestay services. Should you decide to travel and make you own arrangements, transportation from the airport needs to be arranged at your own expense.  We would recommend looking into Uber, Lyft, or airport taxi. 

Additionally  we urge you to regularly monitor the official sources of information including the CDC, U.S. Department of State and the World Health Organization:

As we are not able to provide homestay services, we are providing a list of some local providers for your consideration. Tacoma Community College has not contacted these organizations and does not have a relationship with them. Tacoma Community College and its employees are not responsible for any negligence, service issues, or misunderstandings associated with their services. Please do your own research before proceeding.

Finally, for students who do not want to begin their education online, we invite you to defer your admission (at no cost) to the Fall 2021 quarter by submitting the following form:

Once again, we are most grateful for your support and interest in Tacoma Community College and look forward to assisting you on your academic journey.

Thank you,

James Newman, Executive Director for International Programs

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