Statway is a program designed to help students complete their college math requirement in just 2 quarters – or even 1 – while learning a type of math more relevant to most careers.

Statway is fully equivalent to TCC’s college level statistics class (MATH& 146). But, you don’t need to take Math 90 or 95 before enrolling for Statway – so talk to your advisor before you register for Math 90. Depending on quarterly offerings, Statway may also be available as a linked 10-credit course – enabling students to complete their entire math requirement in just one quarter.


Algebra is the traditional college-level math requirement. For some fields, like engineering or even a business transfer degree, you need algebra. But for many fields, you only need enough algebra to use today’s technology – so says Keith Devlin, NPR’s “Math Guy.”

What’s so great about statistics? It’s a tool you can use to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, and to avoid drowning in a sea of numbers. In today’s data-intensive world, statistics is becoming the “math of choice” for an increasingly large percentage of college students.

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