Associate of Arts - Specialization in Sociology


TCC's program provides a solid introduction to the concepts, terminology and current advances in the fascinating field of Sociology. TCC's Associate of Arts (DTA) degree with a Specialization in Sociology prepares students for successful transfer at the junior level in Sociology at our primary transfer universities, including University of Washington-Tacoma, University of Washington-Seattle, Pacific Lutheran University and others. Students transferring elsewhere should consult their university’s website and see their advisor. 

All public universities in the state of Washington have a language requirement at the bachelor degree level. Students should review those requirements and ensure they meet them prior to transfer. World language credit can be applied toward humanities, multicultural and general elective requirements of the Associate of Arts (DTA) degree.

Sociology Program offers courses covering:

  • An introduction to the basic concepts and theories of sociology with an emphasis on group aspects of human behavior.
  • Introduction to the study of women, feminism and theories of oppression and privilege, particularly with respect to gender, sexuality, race, class and sexual orientation.
  • Study of the socio-historical experiences of African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Latino/a populations in the U.S.
  • Exploration of race and ethnic relations in American contemporary society with focus on immigrant groups, manifestations of racism and discrimination, and economic and social progress of different ethnic groups.
  • Introduction to the sociological analysis of sport with emphasis on: race, class, gender, and sexuality issues; socialization and interactions; sport and education; deviance, crime, and violence; and the business and economics of sport.
  • Analysis of deviant behavior from the perspective of sociological theory and research.


Courses to Take

Degree Program
Career Options


Number Title Credits
Specialization Courses (25 credits)
Sociology Core (20 credits)
SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology
Any 3 SOC Foundation Courses: SOC 120, 200, 201, 205, 222, 238, 255, 262, 265 or 271

Quantitative Skill Requirements (5 credits)

Select one course from the following:

MATH 136 Inferential Statistics

Math& 146 Introduction to Statistics

Number Title Credits
Remaining Degree Requirements (65 credits)
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
ENGL& 102 or 103

English Composition/Speaking Skills

Select 5 additional credits from the Communication section of the Approved Distribution Course List. 

Humanities (15 credits)
Fulfill the Associate of Arts (DTA) Humanities Distribution requirement. Recommendations include a world language, Philosophy, English Literature, Humanities, Music or Art.

Social Sciences (5 Credits)

Select one course that is not a SOC course from the Social Sciences section of the Approved Distribution Course List.

Natural Sciences (15 Credits)

Fulfill the Associate of Arts (DTA) Natural Sciences Distribution requirement. ANTH& 205 Biological Anthropology is recommended.

Physical Education (3 Credits)

Select a total of three credits of PE activity from the approved distribution list. 

Other College-Level Electives (15 Credits)

Select  college-level elective courses to reach the total of 90 credit hours required for the Associate of Arts degree. PE activity credits cannot be used as electives.


Jobs and Careers: Research jobs and careers for this area of study.

A bachelor’s degree in Sociology helps prepare students for careers in finance, consulting, business, market research, non-profit organizations, government, research, law, advocacy, publishing, education, policing or corrections work.

Students also can continue their educational pathway and pursue Master and Ph.D Programs, Law School, Medical School, or Business School degrees.


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Dr. Andrew Cho, Sociology Professor and Faculty Advisor

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Dr. Sandra Galta, Sociology Professor and Faculty Advisor

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