Paralegal Program

Preferred Pro-Certificate


The Paralegal Preferred Pro-Certificate is designed for those who already possess an Associate or Bachelor’s degree and wish to enter the profession, or if already employed in the legal field, to enhance their career potential.

The Paralegal Preferred Pro-Certificate program is approximately a one-year program. Legal courses are taught by faculty in the paralegal program who represent various aspects of the field of law and hold a high regard for academic and professional integrity.



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The path to achieve a Pro-Certificate in the Paralegal Program

Legal Specialty Elective Courses
Career Options


 Students must complete all 53 credits. 
CU 105 Word I, Excel I 5
PLST 106 Legal Document Production 3
PLST 150 Paralegal Fundamentals and Ethics 5
PLST 151 Legal Research & Writing I 5
PLST 152 Intro to Civil Law 5
PLST 153 Civil Procedure I 5
PLST 154 Computer Applications in the Law 3
PLST 156 Criminal Procedure for Paralegals 5
PLST 232 Interviewing & Investigations 5
PLST 233 Internship I (*Prereq: See Student Internship Manual) 5
PLST 239 Transition Planning 1
PLST 251 Legal Research & Writing II 3
PLST 253 Civil Procedure II 3
PLST 149, CU 108 Recommended but not required  


Students must complete 3 credits.

PLST courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

PLST 221 Family Law 3
PLST 222 Probate/Estate Planning 3
PLST 223 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 3
PLST 224 Real Estate Law 3
PLST 225 Bankruptcy Law 3
PLST 226 Administrative Law 3
PLST 228 Employment Law 3
PLST 231 Contracts/Commercial Transactions 3
PLST 234 Internship II 5
PLST 235 eDiscovery 3


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