COVID-19 Notice to Prospective Students

It is important for all students considering nursing or health sciences programs to know the following:

All health sciences students at Tacoma Community College must successfully complete clinical course work in healthcare settings (“clinical placement”) as a part of their program’s educational instruction.

Students engaged in a clinical placement face the risk of exposure to potentially infectious material and diseases. Specifically, there is inherent risk in working with populations that are known, or suspected, COVID-19 positive, and as such, a risk of acquiring COVID-19 infection. Healthcare partners are requiring students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to participation in a clinical placement at their sites. Students will need to provide documentation of vaccination records upon request.

Successful completion of the course of study depends upon student participation in the clinical experience.

All exemption requests will be moved forward to the clinical sites for their review. Healthcare partners may require a student to request an exemption following their own procedures or using their own form, and their decision of acceptance or denial of the exemption for clinical placement at their facility will be final. The college is under no obligation to identify alternative sites that will accept a student’s vaccination exemption request.

The program recognizes this can be very stressful for some students. The college has strong support services, including Counseling that maybe helpful for students as they work through this mandate. Please do not hesitate to contact the program with any questions via email