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Medical Scribe Certificate


The Medical Scribe Professional (MSP) Certificate prepares students to work with physicians and other medical practitioners to support documentation in the electronic health record. Students who complete this program may be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Scribe Professional (CMSP) credential through the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group. To learn more, visit their website.


Virtual Information Session

Please review the Virtual Information Session for a complete overview of the Medical Scribe Certificate 

Core Requirements

The Medical Scribe Certificate consists of 4 classes in total. All classes are offered in a fully online format. There is no admission process for this certificate. Students can complete the first 3 classes at any time in the year, however, the Medical Scribe class (MO 115) is only offered one time per year, in Spring quarter.

Medical Scribe Certificate

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENGL& 101 English Composition I
(prerequisite ENG 095)
HIT 105 Comprehensive Medical Terminology
(prerequisite ENGL& 101, recommend BIOL& 175)
BIOL& 175
BIOL& 241 & BIOL& 242
Human Biology with Lab
(prerequisite ENGL 095 and MATH 90 or 93 or BUS 110)
MO 115 Medical Scribe
(prerequisite ENGL& 101, HIT 105 with grade C or higher)
(BIOL& 175 or BIOL& 241 & 242 may be taken concurrently)


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