Medical Billing Specialist (MBS)



The Medical Billing Specialist (MBS) certificate program prepares students for employment in support positions such as medical billing, claims review, patient account or patient access representative, and a variety of other entry-level roles.

Students will learn about healthcare delivery, medical office procedures, medical billing and claims processing, and an introduction to medical coding.

This program will give the graduate tools to be a valuable resource to physician offices, large group practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and insurance organizations.

This program is offered in a fully online format. It begins in Fall quarter (September) and concludes at the end of Spring quarter (June).


Virtual Information Session

Please review the Virtual Information Session for a complete overview of the MBS certificate and related programs.



MBS Certificate

Here is a snapshot of what the program entails.

Prerequisite Requirements & Recommendations
Schedule of Classes
Program Costs
Entry Process

Prerequisite Requirements

Must be completed before beginning the MBS certificate core curriculum with a grade of C or higher:

  • ENGL& 101 English Composition I (5 credits)


  • HIT 130 Medical Terminology I (3 credits)     


  • HIT 105 Comprehensive Medical Terminology (5 credits)


We recommend completion of the following classes prior to beginning the Medical Billing Certificate program:

  • MATH 85 - Introduction to Algebra

This is a pre-requisite to the BUS 110 class. Completing MATH 85 prior to beginning the program will prevent delays.

  • OLL 101 - Online Learning

Recommended for students who are new to online learning.

Computer Skills Requirement

Students will be expected to have intermediate level computer skills and ability to navigate computer programs prior to beginning the Medical Billing Specialist (MBS) program.

All classes must be completed with grade C or higher
(47-52 total credits)


Course Number Course Title Prerequisites Credits
    8 credits
ENGL& 101 English Composition I Placement 5

HIT 130


* HIT 105 (preferred)

Medical Terminology I

Comprehensive Medical Terminology



Medical Billing Specialist (MBS) Certificate Courses
Course Number Course Title Prerequisites Credits
    12 credits
MO 101 Healthcare Delivery & Alternate Care                                                                                 English 101, HIT 130 or HIT 105  (concurrent OK)               5
MO 131 Beginning Outpatient Dx Coding                      HIT 130 or HIT 105, MO 101
(concurrent OK)
CU 105 Word/Excel I   5
Winter:           13 credits
BUS 110
*MATH& 146
Business Math

Introduction to Statistics


MO 110 Medical Office Procedures MO 101, HIT 130 or HIT 105


MO 159 Beginning Outpatient Px Coding MO 101, MO 131, HIT 130 or HIT 105 3
Spring:     14 credits
MO 143 Professional Development and Ethics MO 110, MO 159 3
MO 151 Insurance Claims Processing MO 110, MO 159, MO 185
(concurrent OK)
MO 185 Medical Billing Specialist (MBS) Practicum MO 151 (concurrent OK) 3
CU 203 Excel II                             CU 103 or CU 105 3
    Total Credits =  47-52                                

*Students should complete HIT 105 and MATH 146 if they plan to enroll in the HIT AAS degree

MBS Tuition and Costs

These figures are estimated costs. Students are encouraged to review the official tuition rate information here.

A full time student, averaging 15 credits per quarter can complete the MBS certificate program in 3 quarters (1 academic year) after meeting the pre-requisite. 

Estimated MBS Tuition and Costs
(WA State Resident)

15 credits = $1,447.80 (1 quarter)
45 credits = $4,343.40 (3 quarters)
Books and Supplies 
$1,500 ($500 per quarter)
Course Fees $360
Student Approved Registration Fees

Process to enter the MBS Certificate program

This program does not have a formal application process. Students can register into the first core MBS class (MO 101) in fall quarter if the pre-requisites has been met. The class is limited to 25 students and is first come-first serve. After the class is full, students can be on a wait list, but there is no guarantee of admittance. 


Students who are new to TCC start at Step 1 below. Students who are already TCC students can begin at Step 3 below. All students should work with an Academic Advisor to plan class scheduling.


  1. Apply to the college to become a TCC student here. After completing the online application, students will receive a welcome admissions email with a student ID# in about 3 business days.
  2. Once the welcome admissions email has arrived, and a student ID issued, complete the section "Take the Next Steps" #2 - 6 to complete English and Math placement, complete New Student Orientation, connect with an Academic Advisor, and Register for classes.
  3. Complete any prerequisite or recommend courses prior to beginning the MBS program in fall quarter. (Note: Students should work with an Academic Advisor to plan these classes.)
  4. Once prerequisite classes have been met, students will be able to enroll into MBS classes without assistance.
  5. For MBS or Health Information Program specific questions, please contact: Corinne Jarvis, M.Ed, RHIA, CHDA - - 253-566-5077.


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