Associate of Arts (DTA) Degree - Specialization in History


The following course set fulfills the requirement of the Specialization in History for the Associate of Arts (DTA) degree and prepares students for successful transfer at the junior level in History at our primary transfer universities, including University of Washington-Tacoma, University of Washington-Seattle, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, Pacific Lutheran University, the University of Puget Sound and others.

This specialization provides an introduction to the key political, social, cultural and economic events in American society from the past to the present and a historical study of human societies in the world.

All public universities in the state of Washington have a language requirement at the bachelor degree level. Students should review those requirements and ensure they meet them prior to transfer. World language credit can be applied toward humanities, multicultural and general elective requirements of the Associate of Arts (DTA) degree.

Program Outcomes

The history program enables students to achieve these outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of some major empirical findings of the social sciences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts, theories, and methods used within the social sciences to understand human behavior/events.
  • Objectively identify some social variables that have shaped one's own point of view.
  • Engage with or accurately represent a point of view that is different from one's own.
  • Evaluate the quality/credibility of information from various kinds of sources.
  • Present social science information according to appropriate academic standards.


Degree Program

Required Courses
Career Options

Before enrolling in their first math course at TCC, students must take a mathematics placement test unless they have passed a college-level mathematics class within the last two years.

  • 90 quarter credit hours in courses numbered 100 or above, including the distribution requirements listed below.
  • At least 30 applicable credits earned at Tacoma Community College.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all coursework applied to the associate degree, and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all TCC college-level courses.
  • No more than three physical education activity credits will apply toward the degree.
  • At least one course (5 credits) of the 90 credits applied toward graduation must be a designated multicultural course.

Number Title Credits
Specialization Courses 30
World Civilization Core  15
HIST& 126 World Civilization I  
HIST& 127 World Civilization II  
HIST& 128 World Civilization III  
US History Core  15
HIST& 146 US History I  
HIST& 147 US History II  
HIST& 148 US History III  



Number Title Credits
Remaining Degree Requirements 60

ENGL& 101 

English Composition I 


ENGL& 102 or 103

Composition II or III


Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Requirements

Select one Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning course from the approved distribution list.



Fulfill the Associate of Arts (DTA) Humanities Distribution requirement. Recommendations include HIST& 219 Native American History, HIST 231 American History, American Film, a world language, Philosophy, Non-Western Literature, World Music or Art Appreciation.


Social Sciences

Select one course that is not a HIST course from the Social Sciences section of the Approved Distribution Course List. Recommendations include Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology.


Natural Sciences

Fulfill the Associate of Arts (DTA) Natural Sciences Distribution requirement.


Physical Education

Select a total of 3 credits of PE activity from the approved distribution list.

Other College-Level Electives

Select general elective courses to reach the total of 90 credit hours required for the Associate of Arts degree.



Professional historians teach at various levels, work in museums and media centers, conduct historical research for businesses or public agencies, or participate in the growing number of historical consultancies.

Visit the American Historical Association website for more information.

Research jobs and careers for this area of study.

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