Network & Cyber Security Degree

Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) - Specialization in Network & Cyber Security

TCC’s Network & Cyber Security program prepares students for careers in database administration, network administration and technical support with a focus on cyber security. Cyber security is essential to protecting our economy, businesses, government and private information.

The program includes technical core courses providing hands-on knowledge and skills in systems, data, networking and security concepts; and non-technical core courses related to business, project and team communication skills.

Advanced course work includes training in database management, Windows and Linux servers, networking, routing, security, and virtualization. This program also provides the foundation for many industry certifications through Microsoft, COMPTIA, CISCO, and Dell/EMC.

The program offers certificate pathways leading to the Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree. All program coursework must be completed with ‘C’ grades or higher to qualify for any certificates or degrees. The AAS degree prepares students to transition successfully into select Bachelor’s degree programs at Washington State 4-year universities. Students who transfer will be granted junior standing upon transfer.

Degree Pathway

Degree Courses
Career Options
Additional Certificate Options
Program Outcomes

Students in the AAS degree pathway must complete the ­Help Desk and Technical Support certificates. Then in the second year of the program, select one of three certificate options: 

  • Network Support Certificate
  • Cyber Security Certificate
  • Database Management Certificate
Prerequisite Coursework for Entry
Assessment above MATH 075 or completion of MATH 075 with a C or higher
Assessment at college-level English or completion of ENGL 095 with a C or higher
Completion of CU 100 with a C or higher, or Program Chair permission

(93 credits)

The AAS degree includes additional coursework in wireless networking, security, business, project management and communication. Students who complete the AAS degree will be prepared for more advanced supervisory positions after obtaining field experience. To complete the AAS degree, students must first complete the Network Support, Cyber Security or Database Management certificate. Students are encouraged to take MATH& 107 if they need a transfer-level math. ENGL& 101 and CMST& 101 are transfer-level classes.

Core Requirements
Number Title Credits
BUS 102 Customer Service 2
BUS 110 Business Math 5
BUS 164 Leadership and Human Relations 5
BUS 280 Career Readiness Skills 2
CMST& 101 Introduction to Communication 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
IT 201 Introduction to Programming 5
IT 230 Introduction to Project Management 2
IT 257 Social Media 3
IT 290 Work Internship 5
IT 299 Independent Study & Special Projects 5

Application Support Specialist Certificate

This 49-credit certificate prepares students in the use and support of software applications. Prepares students to pursue an entry-level position, upgrade their role in an organization or further their education.

e-HIM Certificate

In collaboration with the Networking and Cyber Security program, TCC’s Health Information Technology (HIT) program offers an e-HIM (electronic-Health Information Management) certificate.

  • Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills necessary in information technology.
  • Exemplify professional and ethical behaviors required to perform effectively as an information technology team member within an organization.
  • Implement critical thinking skills to provide sound solutions for information technology issues.
  • Commit to lifelong learning, including anticipation and adaptation to ever-changing business and technology environments.
  • Demonstrate an integrated, comprehensive proficiency in the content area of information technology; and apply this knowledge to the real world.

Transfer Options

Although a 2-year Associate in Applied Science Degree is designed to prepare you for an entry-level job in information technology, you may decide that you want to further your education and advancement opportunities by completing a Bachelors degree. There are currently several options to transfer to a Bachelors degree program with local colleges upon completion of the Networking and Cyber Security Associate in Applied Sciences.

University/College Degree Program Transfer Requirements
Western Governors University BS in Information Technology NCS AAS degree, no additional courses required
Seattle Pacific University BS or BA in Professional Studies MATH 107 or above and 65 credits of approved transfer courses in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
Central Washington University - Des Moines BAS in Information Technology and Administrative Management MATH 107 or above and 65 credits of approved transfer courses in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
Highline College BAS in Cybersecurity and Forensics MATH 107 or above in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
Green River College BAS in Information Technology MATH 107 or above in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
Bellevue College BAS in Information Systems & Technology MATH 107 or above in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
Evergreen State College BS in Computer Science MATH 142 or above and 65 credits of approved transfer courses in addition to completing the NCS AAS degree
University of Washington Tacoma BS in Information Technology NCS courses are not accepted for transfer. You must complete the TCC AS in Computer Science to transfer.


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