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World Languages Course Sequence and Placement

How to find the World Languages class you need. 

World Language Course Sequence

We recommend that students start their language sequence in Fall quarter so that they can complete the full year sequence of courses. Students starting their language sequence in Winter may only be able to complete 121 and 122 in that academic year as for all languages other than Spanish the 123 level is only offered in Spring term only. Please consult the table below for the rotation of World Languages courses.

Reminder: If you have previous language experience, please consult with a World Languages advisor to ensure proper placement before signing up for a language class.

Credit for Previous Learning: CLEP and AP

CLEP credit available for Spanish and German:

In accordance with national CLEP recommendations, Tacoma Community College will offer credit for foreign languages at the three-quarter and six-quarter proficiency level in the languages in which equivalent courses are offered at Tacoma Community College. For students earning a score of 50 or higher, credit will be granted for the following CLEP exams:




Spanish Language


SPAN& 121, SPAN& 122, SPAN& 123 (15 credits max.)

Spanish Language


SPAN& 221, SPAN& 222, SPAN& 223 (15 credits max.)

German Language


GERM& 121, GERM& 122, GERM& 123 (15 credits max.)


Students need to be enrolled as students at Tacoma Community to qualify for credit. Students should check the CLEP policies at the intended transfer institutions and ensure that CLEP credit awarded by TCC will be recognized by the other university before considering taking the CLEP and requesting credit through TCC.

AP credit for World Languages

Scores of three or higher in the AP exam result in academic credit for World Languages. Please consult the AP equivalency table for information.