Business & Accounting

Understand the complex legal and economic environments in which businesses operate.


An Associate of Arts in Business degree opens doors to a variety of careers in sectors such as commerce, government, media, and nonprofit work. The bachelor's degree you earn after transferring to a 4-year institution can pave the way to starting or running your own business, positions in entry-level management, bookkeeping, market analysis and many other careers. Hear from students about why they chose to study business and accounting at TCC.



Program Description

TCC's business transfer program offers coursework covering the first half of a 4-year business school curriculum.

Accounting: Many successful business people started in accounting, from business owners to chief executive officers. A bachelor's degree in accounting can lead to a career in public accounting, banking, private industry, entrepreneurship or in the government sector, among many others.

Economics: A sought-after subject, economics opens up valuable ways of thinking about the world with extremely broad application in the private and public sectors. Careers in planning, administration, management, logistics, securities analysis, and organization can follow your learning economic principles. Understanding basic economic phenomena like global investment, inflation, interest rates, market structures, and equity can help you better comprehend world events as well as improve your own entrepreneurial skills.


Planning Your Educational Pathway

TCC's Associate of Arts in Business degree can lead to many career pathways. Meet with your advisor early to make sure you're preparing to transfer into the program of your choice at the school of your choice. 

Career Options

Business and accounting majors find employment in every sector of the job market, and this major serves as a starting point for a huge variety of careers. As a business and accounting major, you might:

  • Start your own business
  • Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Interested in becoming a CPA? Find out more here.
  • Perform accounting or bookkeeping functions for a corporation, non-profit, or government entity
  • Serve as CFO of a corporation, non-profit, or government entity
  • Specialize in assisting individuals or businesses complete tax returns
  • Manage financial investments for clients
  • Perform financial audits

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Which degree or certificate is right for me? 

We offer a number of degrees and certificates in Business, Accounting, and related subjects. Make sure you choose the program that will help you meet your goals! 


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