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AAS Transfer Degree in Allied Health

Take your Health Careers Certificate further!

A Flexible Degree

Need to access financial aid while working on prerequisites for a Health Careers program?

Interested in exploring health care, but not sure which direction you'd like to go?

The Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degree (AAS_T) in Allied Health wraps transfer credits around many of our Health Careers and Human Services certificates to create a transfer degree. For students, this creates flexibility and access to many potential career pathways. The Transfer Degree in Allied Health can be a great option if you're still exploring the many health career options available -- or if you know exactly where you want to go.



Creating Transfer Opportunity

Want to complete one of TCC's Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees or transfer to a four-year college?

The Transfer Degree in Allied Health allows students to transfer directly into TCC's Community Health BAS program or Health Information Management program. Students may also transfer to other health careers BAS programs at other community colleges.

It may also be possible to transfer to a university after completing the Transfer Degree in Allied Health. However, it's important to note that credits obtained in this degree will be assessed individually by the transfer institution to determine if they meet university requirements. Careful educational planning with your advisor is recommended to ensure a smooth transition to the university of your choice.

The Financial Aid Factor

Students taking prerequisites for a selective entry program such as Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Science or Diagnostic Medical Sonography are usually only eligible for loans. Because the Transfer Degree in Allied Health lets you complete prerequisites while working toward a degree, it opens eligibility for grants that don't have to be paid back. Learn more about Financial Aid

Exploring Health Careers

Let's say you're interested in sonography, but you're not sure if that's what you want to do. You know you need to complete prerequisites to get into TCC's Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program, and you notice that if you also have some hands-on experience with patient care, you'll get a higher ranking in the competitive DMS admissions process.

If you choose the Transfer Degree in Allied Health, you could get your EMT Certificate while completing all the prerequisites needed to get into the DMS program. Then you could go out and get a job as an EMT, which gets you that hands-on health care experience. At that point, you could apply to TCC's DMS program. But what if:

You discovered that you love providing emergency care, and want to be an ER nurse? You could apply to TCC's Nursing program

You decided you want to complete your BA, go on to medical school and become a doctor? You could work with an advisor to make sure your credits transfer to the four-year school of your choice, and complete your pre-med Bachelors degree.

You saw a great need for community health services while working as an EMT? You could continue into TCC's Community Health BAS program

With the Transfer Degree in Allied Health, all of these pathways are possibilities! We understand that you want to keep your options open, and this degree was designed to help you do just that.

Interested in learning more about different health careers at TCC? Start here.

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