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Pursue a visual arts specialization, take art as a Humanities class, or enhance your skills through non-credit classes.

The Art Department at TCC  offers a wide variety of classes in traditional media, digital arts, and art history. Whether you are  seeking a career in the arts, or would like to explore an interest at a beginning level, the Art Department provides a broad range of opportunities. We offer expert instruction in ceramics, painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, graphic design, and art history. 


The Art Department at TCC can provide professional equipment and instructional space for students to achieve a wide range of creative goals. Our facilities for art students include a variety of expert equipment, including: printmaking presses, ceramic kilns, a darkroom, a digital media lab, a bronze foundry, and more. TCC Art faculty are experienced professional artists who are committed to helping you reach your individual academic, professional, and  creative  goals. 

Art Pathways 

Obtain an Associate of Arts with a Visual Arts Specialization, take an art class for a Humanities distribution elective, or take a non-credit class for personal enrichment. 

Specialize in Art
Humanities Distribution Requirement
Non-Credit Classes

Associate of Art Degree with Visual Art Specialization 

(32 additional credits) 

Interested in completing a 4-year degree in visual art? Complete the Associate of Arts with a Visual Arts Specialization at TCC. You'll be on track to transfer and complete your Bachelor of Fine Arts at a four-year college.

This specialization prepares transfer students with the foundation art classes required at most four-year institutions and a strong art portfolio to apply for the art major at that institution.

Alternatively, an AA degree from TCC with a Specialization in art would support and enhance an application in an art-related field that does not require a BA. Some examples would be:

  • General employment at a museum or commercial art gallery
  • Working in a print-shop that produces signage for advertising
  • Working in a screen-print company producing printed garments
  • Working as a photography lab technician
  • Working as an art studio technician
  • Working as an assistant to an artist

The ART Specialization requires 32 credit hours including the following:

Foundation Courses: 20 credits
Number Title Credits
ART& 100 Art Appreciation (Multicultural Course) 5
ART 102 Two-Dimensional Design 5
ART 103 Three-Dimensional Design 5
ART 105 Beginning Drawing 5


Media Courses: 10 credits, Select 2 classes from the following:
Number Title Credits
ART 106 Advanced Drawing 5
ART 161 Life Studies: Figure Drawing 5
ART 110 Beginning Graphic Design 5
ART 111 Intermediate Graphic Design 5
ART 131 Beginning Ceramics 5
ART 132 Intermediate Ceramics I 5
ART 146 Beginning Photography 5
ART 246 Intermediate Photography 5
ART 147 Introduction to Digital Photography 5
ART 247 Intermediate Digital Photography 5
ART 150 Beginning Printmaking 5
ART 151 Advanced Printmaking 5
ART 156 Beginning Painting 5
ART 157 Intermediate Painting 5
ART 172 Beginning Sculpture 5
ART 173 Intermediate Sculpture I 5
Folio Preparation: 2 credits
ART 297 Folio Preparation 2

All classes are transferable to a WA DTA institution.

This does not alter the AA degree requirements in any way.

Take Art as a Humanities Elective 

Explore your creative side -- take a visual arts class! It will count towards your Humanities distribution requirements. TCC offers art classes in:

  • Art appreciation
  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Digital photography
  • Drawing
  • Film photography
  • Graphic design
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Two-dimensional design

Engage in Community Art

Interested in learning artistic techniques without pursuing a degree? TCC's continuing education department offers affordable classes from skilled instructors. Grow your skills with no tests or grades!


Art Faculty Advisor Team

Our Art Faculty Advisors look forward to supporting you on your educational and professional pathway. Faculty advisors are available throughout the academic year and can provide general and detailed advising and career counseling to help you achieve your educational goals. We recommend that you reach out to us if a career in Art interests you so that our faculty advisors may guide you toward completion of your Associate Degree and successful transfer into a bachelor degree program.

Our faculty advisors will help you establish an educational pathway that meets your goals from start to finish and will be available to support you throughout your studies at TCC. Make your first appointment today!

Marit BergMarit Berg

Art Program Chair: Painting, printmaking, art appreciation

Marit's Art

Kyle DillehayKyle Dillehay

2-D Design, Photography, Sculpture

Kyle's Art 

Rick MahaffeyRick Mahaffey

Ceramics, Art Appreciation

Rick's Art


Art Faculty


Melinda Cox

Melinda Cox 

Drawing, painting, 2-D design

Anthony Culanag

Anthony Culanag

Graphic design, digital photography

Alice Di Certo

Alice DiCerto

2-D Design, art appreciation 


Karen Doten

Karen Doten

Drawing, Art Appreciation

Dr. Jennifer Olson

Dr. Jennifer Olson

Art Appreciation, History of Western Art


Reid Ozaki

Reid Ozaki



Jennifer Roholt

Jennifer Roholt




Art Resources

Explore art and culture in the Tacoma area

Museum of Glass

Tacoma Art Museum

Third Thursday Events

Art Scholarships 

TCC offers many general scholarships through the TCC Foundation, as well as scholarships specifically for art students. There are also many other scholarships available to art students.

TCC Foundation Scholarships

 Scholarships for art students

Transfer Programs 

Find art programs at local colleges and other art resources.