American Ethnic and Gender Studies

About the AEGS Distinction Pathway

Work to understand complex gender, race, ethnic and class issues in the United States.

The AEGS Distinction Pathway at TCC is a multidisciplinary program that brings together faculty and students from different academic disciplines to focus on gender and ethnic studies.

AEGS courses come from a variety of departments, including administration of justice, anthropology, English, history, humanities, music, political science, and sociology. The participating faculty is an open roster of instructors committed to giving students a wide array of approaches to the challenging topics of gender and ethnic studies.

American Ethnic and Gender Studies courses are geared toward all interested TCC students, whether they intend to specialize in AEGS studies upon transfer or wish to deepen their understanding of this important topic while majoring in another subject. Students who enroll in the distinction pathway program and who complete (with a grade of C or above) 20 credits of course work in AEGS will receive the distinction pathway certificate and a special notation on the transcript.

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