Harbor Institute

A program for active, engaged adults who seek non-credit personal enrichment in the arts, humanities, history, science, technology and more.

Harbor Institute logoIn its fifth year, Harbor Institute continues to offer dynamic classes on inspired topics. Instructors are talented, qualified experts in their fields of study and are motivated to share their knowledge and experiences with people who appreciate and crave further awareness about exciting, interesting, and relevant subjects. Participants will continue to learn in an environment that supports face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers, about diverse topics in humanities, science, technology, social science, and public interest - without tests, term papers, or grades!

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Harbor Institute Classes

Ancient Magic & Witchcraft   The History of Early Christianity 
Coinage of the Diving Augustus    Japanese Culture & Conversation 
Discoveries in Physics   Lincoln Lecture Series II
Film Studies: D.W. Griffith    Lincoln Series: Speeches
French I   Lincoln Series: Proclamations
French II   Lincoln Series: Psychology
French Culture & Lecture Series   Lincoln Series: Summer Cottage
French Series: French Countries of Europe   Mapping the Heritage of the Gig Harbor Community
French Series: Masterpieces of French Literature   Religion in Ancient Greece
French Series: A Brief History of French Cuisine   Spanish for Beginners 
French Series: Highlights of French Cinema   Spanish Short Stories
    Women in Photography 

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