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A program for active, engaged adults who seek non-credit personal enrichment in the arts, humanities, history, science, technology and more.

Harbor Institute logoIn its fifth year, Harbor Institute continues to offer dynamic classes on inspired topics. Instructors are talented, qualified experts in their fields of study and are motivated to share their knowledge and experiences with people who appreciate and crave further awareness about exciting, interesting, and relevant subjects. Participants will continue to learn in an environment that supports face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers, about diverse topics in humanities, science, technology, social science, and public interest - without tests, term papers, or grades!

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Free Film & Lecture Series

Please RSVP: 253-460-2424

The Germans, Part 1: Charlemagne and the Saxons

Jan 17, Thursday, 6-7:30p   By the time of his death in 814 CE, Charlemagne’s empire extended from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and from the Pyrenees to the Danube. As such, Charlemagne is considered by many historians as the ‘Father of Western Europe.’ [Lowinger]

The Germans, Part 2: Otto and Empire

Feb 7, Thursday, 6-7:30p   By the time Otto I (the Great) was crowned as Emperor in 962 CE, he had already become the most powerful ruler in all of Europe. Not only did Otto unite the Kingdoms of Germany, he successfully defended Western Europe from an invasion by the Magyars and was hailed as the ‘Savior of Christendom.’ [Lowinger]

Free Lecture: History of the Gig Harbor Lighthouse

Feb 13, Wednesday, 6-7:30p   Gig Harbor is steeped in maritime history with boat building and commercial fishing playing a major role in the development of the area. The Gig Harbor Lighthouse, displaying a red flashing light, was built in 1988. Join us to learn more about this historic landmark. [McDonnell]

The Germans, Part 3: Barbarossa and the Lion

Mar 7, Thursday, 6-7:30p   Frederick I (Barbarossa) is perhaps the greatest tactician of the Holy Roman Empire. From his coronation in 1155 CE, Frederick launched numerous campaigns of conquest first in Italy, but later was a key figure in the Third Crusade. [Lowinger]


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