Students: How to Activate Your ctcLink Account

Step 1: Call TCC Continuing Education to Get Your ctcLink ID number

Call Continuing Education for Your ctcLink ID number, and use it to Activate your account and view your classes, tuition, and other vital information as our student.

CALL: 253-566-5020

Step 2: Create ctcLink Account

screenshot of ctcLink account activation with name and date of birth

  • Set up your security questions
  • Set up a password

screenshot showing spaces for security questions and passwords

Step 3: Record Your ctcLink ID and Password

After submitting your security questions and password, you will be shown your ctcLink ID. Please write this number down. You will need this ID number to log in, it is your Student Number at Tacoma Community College.

screenshot showing the ctcLink ID number after submitting password and security questions