Program Plan Change

Program Plan Changes

To initiate and discontinue Program Plans contact your advisor.  Advisors will submit approved Program Plan Change Forms and approved BAS Program Plan Change Forms to Enrollment Services for processing. For questions regarding your degree or program requirements, please consult the catalog and speak with your advisor. Advisors can acquire the Staff and Faculty only forms via their TCC Portal. 

Review your Program Plan 

Processing time for changes to program plans is 5-10 business days. Changes to program plans are in effect at the beginning of each term. Therefore, if a change is made to your program plan during the term it will take effect at the beginning of the next term. Once the new term begins login to ctcLink to review your updated program plan.  Select Student Homepage --> Academic records--> My Program  to verify the change is complete. 

The academic calendar will display the next term start dates. If your advisor submitted a program plan change form and you have waited for the next term to begin but do not see the change please inquire to for review. 

Academic Programs Available 

A comprehensive list of all TCC Degrees and Certificates can be found in the Academic Catalog



Program Plans with Certificates 

There are degrees that are approved stackable programs meaning certificates are earned while completing the degree. To earn the certificates you must also have the Certificate added to your My Program's page on ctcLink. To add the Certificate to your programs list contact your advisor. This is so you may be awarded the Certificate as you complete the requirements. Students should apply for their Certificate once the courses for the Certificate are complete. A student does not need to wait to earn the degree to apply for a certificate. Certificate graduation applications instead should be submitted during the term in which the Certificate is complete. Approved stackable programs are:

  • Associate of Applied Science  Business
  • Associate of Applied Science Accounting
  • Associate Applied Science Networking and Cybersecurity
  • Associate in Applied Science Early Childhood Education Emphasis on Children with Exceptionalities

Academic Advisement Reports

Also known as AAR's or degree audits, Academic Advisement Reports are unofficial degree progress reports for advising purposes. Academic Advisement Reports are currently under revision and may not be entirely accurate. Review your AAR with your advisor and submit any questions or updates to Stuart Drake at

Updating Primary Plan

To update your primary plan email Indicate which plan should be primary and which other plans should be secondary. The  primary plan will be used for Financial Aid eligibility. To view a list of ineligible Financial Aid programs contact Financial Aid.

Display of Program Plans

  • 2nd Degree: Noted on transcript, two diplomas issued.
  • Associate of Arts Specialization: Noted on transcript and one diploma is issued with one specialization (sub-plan).
  • Associate of Science Specialization: Noted on transcript and each specialization is listed on separate diplomas.
  • Honors: Graduation with Honors and High Honors are noted on both the transcript and diploma.
  • Certificate: Noted on transcripts.

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