Roster Check Verification

The US Department of Education requires we verify a student's Last Date of Attendance, we fulfill this precedent by requiring instructors to submit a class roster. Roster Checks ensure we stay compliant with federal regulations regarding the treatment of Title IV funds. Students can only receive financial aid for classes that they are registered for and attending. A student is not eligible for a financial aid refund if they are not attending classes. 

Students who are reported as 'not attending' by the roster check deadline are dropped from the course. 

Additionally, the Roster Check process is necessary in order to ensure that our census data is accurately reported. Class rosters help certify any registration errors are corrected quickly thereby preventing unnecessary student billing and financial aid issues later in the term or academic year.

A roster check is due each term for all classes. The drop for non-attendance or participation is available until the 9th instructional day of the term. Check your ctcLink class roster and submit names of students who you would like to be dropped for not attending or participating. 

If you have students who are on your roster but are not attending class: 

  • If a student is on your roster has never attended class or stopped attending before the last day to add/drop AND has not made prior arrangements with you to miss class, you should report them as not attending.  Please do not report students as not attending if they have made prior arrangements with you. Students who are reported as 'not attending' prior to the add/drop deadline will be dropped from the course.
  • Keep in mind that the Last Date of Attendance is required when submitting a roster check for a student that is not attending the course but is enrolled in class.

ctcLink- Class Roster