Use of College Vehicles

Section: 91-108
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The College has two vehicles available for use in transporting students, faculty, or staff for college supported activities.  The bus is capable of transporting 25 passengers, plus driver, and the van will support 14 passengers, plus driver.  College vehicles will be operated by qualified drivers who must comply with the following procedures.



The bus and maxivan were purchased by student activity funds to primarily support student non-curricular activities.  Priorities for use of the bus and maxivan are established as follows:

  1. Student non-curricular activities
  2. Educational support activities
  3. Other activities

The above listed priority list does not preclude responsibilities of various groups or individuals for prior planning and for reserving the vehicle to prevent unwarranted inconveniences.  Reservations will be required at least one week in advance.  No request will be replaced by a higher priority within the one week prior to actual use of the vehicle.

Department requesters will be informed when a higher priority reservation has taken precedence over an original request.


  1. All drivers must possess a valid Washington State driver's license.
  2. Drivers will possess an "Intermediate" endorsement on their driver's license before being permitted to operate the 26-passenger bus.  An "intermediate" endorsement is not required to operate the maxivan.
  3. All drivers will be qualified by receiving instructions from
  4. James Grimsey (Building 25, 5330) or
  5. David Klemetsrud (Building 25, 5207)

Qualification will require an endorsement on this qualification form by one of these two persons.  (See Appendix A).  Call 5172 or 5207 for an appointment to be instructed in the use of the vehicles.


  1. Vehicles will be reserved through the Director of Facilities.  The Director of Facilities Office may be called for a tentative reservation (phone number if 5172).  A vehicle reservation trip form must be filled to permanently reserve a vehicle.
  2. Vehicle reservation forms must be received a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to the desired departure day.  Forms not on file within that time period may result in the loss of the reservation.
  3. Vehicle packets are available in the Director of Facilities Office and will be provided when vehicles are signed for, prior to departure.  Only qualified drives will be allowed to sign for a vehicle, receive a vehicle packet, and operate a vehicle.  Once a driver is assigned to a vehicle, no substitutes will be allowed, unless the Director of Facilities is notified in person by the substitute driver of the head of the department.  Absolutely no vehicles will be released to a last minute, unqualified driver.
  4. Vehicle packets must be picked up during regular office hours.  Departments using vehicles will need to pick up packets during the office hours preceding the weekend and/or holiday on vehicle usage.  Failure to obtain packets on a timely basis may result in the loss of the vehicle reservation.  If call back of employee(s) on weekends or on holidays is absolutely required to check out the packets, the administrative expense will be charged to the unit or department requiring the service.
  5. For purposed of reservations, passenger requirements are a minimum of fifteen (15) for the bus and six (6) for the maxivan.


The assigned driver is responsible for:

  1. Receiving a vehicle indoctrination and for being familiar with all operations of the vehicle.
  2. Providing a valid license and license number prior to receiving a vehicle packet.
  3. Reading all instructions and understanding all rules and regulations.
  4. Checking whether the vehicle is scheduled for the following day to insure compliance with paragraph 10 (listed on the next page).


  1. Checking the vehicle packet for:
  2. Keys
  3. Credit cards
  4. Accident forms
  5. En route information
  6. Obtaining a trash bag for each trip.  Trash bags will be available in the Director of Facilities Office.
  7. Inspecting the vehicle for:
  8. Tire condition
  9. Proper operation of lights
  10. Oil level
  11. Transmission fluid level
  12. Fuel quantity
  13. General condition of vehicle interior and exterior
  14. Assuring the safety of the vehicle and passengers during the trip.
  15. Controlling the conduct of passengers to insure that:
  16. No alcoholic beverages are consumed
  17. No unwarranted damage occurs to the interiors of the vehicles
  18. Trash and litter is kept off the seats and floor and placed in litter bags.
  19. Servicing the vehicle at the end of the trip - but absolutely no later than noon of the following day, provided a trip is not scheduled for that following day.  Servicing includes:
  20. Full gas tanks
  21. Full oil reservoir
  22. Full coolant reservoir
  23. Adequate windshield washer fluid
  24. Full transmission fluid levels
  25. Cleaning the interior of the vehicles (to include floor, seats, and dash areas)
  26. Placing the trash in the nearest available waste receptacle.
  27. Completing all sections of the vehicle reservation form prior to returning it to the Director of Facilities Office.
  28. Returning the vehicle packet to the Director of Facilities Office in Building 1.  After normal business hours, the packet will be returned by dropping it through the door slot at Building 1.  The packets must be returned prior to 1:00 P.M. on the day following the trip.

All serving must be completed and indicated on the reservation form prior to returning of the packet.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for:

  1. Oil changes
  2. Lubrication
  3. Cyclical maintenance of vehicle
  4. Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear

The bus and maxivan are valuable vehicles to be used for transporting athletic teams and for supporting college activities.  Abuse of any kind will shorten the service life of the vehicle and accelerate their eventual loss to the College.  Buses and maxivans are very expensive and difficult to replace; therefore, these procedures must, and will, be enforced.  We also want to avoid embarrassment resulting from litter left inside the vehicle and creating an adverse image for the College.

Continued abuse of procedures may result in loss of driving privileges of the designated driver and possible loss of use by the organization or department that repeatedly disregard their responsibilities.