Student Status - Health Benefits Eligibility

Section: IV. ADSV- 372
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 09/24/12
Last Review: Unknown
Last Revision: Unknown
Prior Revisions: Unknown
Initial Adoption: September 24, 2012


It is the policy of the College that hours of work while in active student status are excluded from time worked in the determination of eligibility for PEBB health benefits.


The purpose of this policy is to define student status for purposes of applying the State of Washington HCA Public Employee Benefit Board provisions.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to all student employees.


WAC 182-12-111(5) f


Active Student Status – For purposes of health benefits eligibility determinations, a student is defined as any non-career employee who is enrolled for academic credit and regularly attending any accredited higher education institution.


In review of an hourly employee’s work history for the purpose of determining health benefits eligibility, Human Resources personnel will:

  1. Make inquiry of new employees and ask if the new employee is enrolled for academic credit and regularly attending any higher education institution.
  2. Make inquiries to employees in regards to their possible student status once it is determined that an employee’s total hours of work in a consecutive six month period is equal to or exceeds 480 hours
  3. Exclude those hours during the pay periods when the employee is in verifiable student status
  4. Keep on file the employee’s proof of student status.  Proof of student status can include  a class schedule, transcript or information received and verified from a College registrar
  5. Provide proof of student status documentation to the State of Washington Health Care Authority upon request.