Statement on International Students

Section: I. CADM-142
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 2/14/12
Last Review:
Last Revision: 2/10/12
Prior Revisions: 3/18/04
Initial Adoption: 3/93




Through the inclusion of international students in the Tacoma Community College student body, TCC hopes to foster in all of its students, both resident and international, an understanding of other cultures within Tacoma and the world, and an appreciation of the richness and interdependence of our local and global communities.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Students, staff, and faculty.


Adopted by the College Council March 1993.


Not applicable.


TCC will retain its character as a community college, dedicated to serving the local population; hence,

  • the enrollment of international students will not result in the exclusion of resident students
  • the College will maintain a proper balance between international and resident students

 In order to maximize the benefits to the campus community, TCC will:

  • strive to attract students from a wide variety of countries, through recruiting efforts and agreements with schools and agencies overseas
  • strive to integrate international students into the campus community, both socially and academically, by:
    • fully supporting the International Student Organization, and promoting its activities among both resident and international students
    • developing courses in which resident and international students can use each other as resources to learn about each other's cultures and traditions

In order to maximize the benefits to the local community, TCC will:

  • strive to promote harmonious relations between international students and the local community
  • strive to promote interaction between the local community and international students

In order to assure a quality education for international students, TCC will:

  • admit students who are academically prepared for college
  • provide culture and academic orientation for in-coming students
  • provide quality academic programs designed to help each student achieve his or her educational goals
  • make all College facilities, support services, and student activities available to international students
  • provide special support services, including the following, to help each student achieve his or her academic and personal goals:
    • (a)  a comprehensive assessment and placement of incoming students
    • (b)  an English as a Second Language (ESL) program
    • (c)  academic advising by faculty member specifically trained to advise international students
    • (d)  tutoring in both ESL and academic courses
    • (e)  counseling services specifically designed to meet the needs of international students
    • (f)  a homestay service to assist students and local families participating in the homestay program, and to facilitate cultural exchange and understanding among the participants