Hybrid/Online Course Management System Policy

Section: II. INST - 130
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 08/02/11
Last Review: 07/26/11
Last Revision: Unknown
Prior Revisions: Unknown
Initial Adoption: 01/26/05


It is the policy of Tacoma Community College that hybrid and online courses using the college’s course management software will be open for students one week before the start of the quarter, so that students can complete pre-instruction activities, including tutorials and orientation materials that will enable them to successfully use the course management software.


To assure a consistent experience for students enrolling in Online and Hybrid courses utilizing the college’s licensed course management system.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Students registered in hybrid and online credit classes at Tacoma Community College


Tacoma Community College Board of Trustees Manual




Online and hybrid classrooms will be opened to students one week before the start of each quarter, so that students can complete pre-instruction tutorials provided by the Distance Learning office. Course content, however, including the syllabus, lessons, notes, readings, or any other content provided by the instructor does not have to be loaded or activated at that time. The instructor controls the schedule for all class content.

The Distance Learning office will provide orientation materials for this pre-instructional period.