Honorary Associate of Arts Degree

Section: I. CADM-135
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 2/14/12
Last Review:
Last Revision: 2/10/12
Prior Revisions: 3/18/04
Initial Adoption: unknown


Because of the special nature of the Honorary Degree, the number of honorary degrees awarded in one year shall not exceed two, it being understood that no obligation exists to grant any.  Specific criteria include:

  1. Outstanding achievement in the sciences, arts, public life, education, voluntary and civic services, philanthropy, international understanding, business, or the professions.
  2. Compatibility of achievements or contributions with the mission and goals of the College.
  3. Outstanding and significant contribution to the College and the community.
  4. Major contributions to the College which significantly improve student access and success.


The College confers honorary Associate of Arts degrees to recognize and commend individuals whose life and work exemplify and support the values, educational ideals, and goals of the College.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

The Honorary Degree is awarded to persons who are deserving of public recognition as a result of their outstanding contributions to the College, the community, and society.


Former Board Policy 5.2040





  1. The President will issue a call for nominations no later than February 1.
  2. Nominations must be in writing, with supporting information.  Nominations are to be sent to the Office of the President.
  3. Nominations will be reviewed by College Council and recommendations forwarded to Executive Staff by the President.
  4. Recommendations will be reviewed by the Executive Staff.
  5. The President shall forward recommendations of the Executive Staff to the Board for final approval.
  6. Upon the candidate’s acceptance of the Honorary Degree, the degree will be awarded at commencement.