Fully Vaccinated Campus Re-Opening (FVCR)

Section: ADSV-651 (P)
Approved By: Dr. Ivan Harrell, 9/17/21


The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment by reducing the potential spread of COVID-19 on campus and in the community. To prevent further transmission of COVID-19, the college has developed the COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Campus Re­Opening Plan (FVCRP).

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to all employees, students, visitors, and contractors.


In order to comply with the WA State's Higher Education Proclamation 20-12.5, the WA State's Vaccination Proclamation 21-14.1, the WA State's Statewide Mask Order 20-03.4, as well as guidelines from the Tacoma Pierce-County Health Department (TPCHD) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • All current and future employees must be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment.
  • All students enrolling in on-campus courses and/or engaging in on-campus activities, supports or services must be fully vaccinated.
  • All employees, students, visitors and contractors must adhere to all rules and guidelines articulated in the COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Campus Re-Opening Plan (FVCRP).


Higher Education Proclamation 20-12.5 link: Higher Ed Proclamation 
Vaccination proclamation 21-14.1 link: Vaccination Proclamation 
Statewide mask order 20-03.4 link: Mask Order


Full Vaccinated: A person is considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after receipt of the second dose of a two-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) or two weeks after receipt of the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 


All procedures are articulated in the COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Campus Re-Opening Plan (FVCRP). The FVCRP identifies and documents the legal requirements, critical resources, processes and control measures that the college will undertake in the re-opening process. The plan will be a living breathing document and will be updated as needed.