Fiscal Policies

Section: IV. ADSV-403
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 8/2/11
Last Review: 6/27/11
Last Revision: 6/27/11
Prior Revisions: 
Initial Adoption: 8/00


It is the policy of the College to ensure that budgeted funds are used for the purpose allocated through the Budget Development process.


The College’s fiscal policies are designed to ensure appropriate use of state assets, to provide adequate funds to fulfill the college’s mission and goals, and to distribute funds to meet departmental needs in an equitable manner.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All Budget Managers







  1. Funds budgeted for salaries may only be expended for salaries unless otherwise approved by the Executive Staff. Turnover savings and other unspent salary funds will be returned to a salary pool to meet the needs of the institution.
  2. All personnel requisitions for new full time staff positions, or for a change in classification or salary range, must be approved by the President.